'A lot more headroom left in the PS3,' claims Sony

The PS3 is far from reaching the end of its life, Sony's deputy president Kaz Hirai has said.

"The plain fact is, the PS3 has grown with the times. The most recent example was the firmware upgrade for all of the PS3s to be 3D compatible, which is something no other console could do. And to this day, there's still a lot more headroom left in the PS3. That, again, is a function of the initial investments we made, both in terms of technology as well as financial investments for the components."

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Godmars2902690d ago

Well, you know the way to prove it Sony - Show it in your games!

dangert2690d ago

Course it has not sony had a 10 year plan were just over half way if the ps2 is anything to judge by
'when the hardware starts aging the gems start coming' GOW say hi

IAmCornHolio2690d ago

Lol, the 10 year plan is out. I think you should be thinking more in terms of a 12-15 year plan. Yes, the PS3 will be supported for another 7-10 years from TODAY. The xbox will probably have a similarly long life.

With the WiiU apparently not pushing the performance envelope beyond what the xbox and ps3 already do, neither Sony or Microsoft are under any pressure to release a new console for a good many years. (And I think from a financial perspective neither Sony nor Microsoft wants to release a new console)

So enjoy those cutting edge graphics on your PS3! That is all you are gonna get for another ~4~ years... at least.

sikbeta2690d ago

PS3 needs to follow the same steps as PS2, until it hit the $199 price-tag, we're not even close to see the new PS Console...

Focker4202690d ago

Under halfway there, The PS3 will be 5 years old in November

vsr2690d ago

Every PS gamer from PS1 era knows that. It's not like any other rushed up consoles or PC (frequent upgrade). PlayStation is a legacy. Variety of games spanned over 10 years for every generation.

gamingdroid2690d ago

Personally, I favor a shorter cycle, lower price and more frequent console updates.

PC is really a good reflection of how technology moves forward relative to price. Today I can get a graphics card for $50, that is more powerful than a graphics card released 3-years ago for $300+. If you are a budget PC gamer (in terms of specs), you always reap the most benefit per dollar!

Instead, we are now being held back 10-years, to pay off somebody else's investment!

Wii U I welcome you and hopefully, this will push towards a new cycle faster!

Silly gameAr2690d ago

Hey gamingdroid, if you want to pay $300-$500 for a new console every few years with little to no improvement or innovation over the previous gen of consoles, please be my guess.

I would rather get all that I can get out of the current gen, and then when the next gen rolls around, maybe that $300-$500 dollar investment would be worth it.

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IRetrouk2690d ago

the best looking game on consoles and you get dissagres, unbelivable.

b163o12690d ago

Probably Halo 4 fans who where mad there trailer was CGI

waterboy2690d ago

best on consoles? i love hearing that cause to me its the best on platforms

SoapShoes2690d ago

Of course it still has a lot of headroom, it's still at the PS2's launch price!

subtenko2690d ago

Its Sony PS3, they always prove and out-do themselves. Sony competes with itself since there is no competition left,lol.

The PS3 is a Titan!

qwertyz2690d ago

ps3 isn't a titan anymore can it run crysis 1 ?(not to speak of battlefield 3 at pc quality ?) NO. the crappy rsx and little ram is holding back the cell and you know it

Eu2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


Well, NOTHING could run Crysis at launch....that was shity code for you...and the say "crunch with overwelming power" is never something a console developer should say, because it shows how his skills are weak.

Sony did what it could with the best specs it had at the time, and it payed up. Exclusives whise, MS and Nintendo, cant compare at all with what the PS3 games are doing or did or will be doing.

The better/efficient/inteligent code the best utilisation of the hardware can be acomplished. Sony devs are destroying other devs becasuse of that.

qwertyz2690d ago


sony didn't use the best specs the could. do you know that 2 out of the ps3s spus are not available to game developers ? also do you know that the rsx is a GIMPED 7800gtx much weaker than a real one ? do you know that since the ps3 launched in 2006 sony could have put in a directx10(shader model 4.0) gpu in the ps3 instead of the rsx? sony didn't use the best specs available at the time and no pc could run crysis on highest at launch but some could do high settings which STILL surpasses any game on consoles today unless you really want to say killzone 3 looks better LOL that'd be funny. Aside from all this the ps3 lacks RAM. sony could have put at least 1gb ram in the console they didn't so how can you say they used the best hardware availabe at the time ? that statement is completely FALSE and crysis wasn't too poorly optimized it took so much to run because of its share SCALE, ALMOST completely destructible environments as well as stunning visuals and texture quality so high that it simply can't be touched by this generation of consoles. If you said sony didn't use the best hardware available at the time to save costs that would have been true but saying the cell and rsx was the best hardware of 2007 fails lol did you know that an 8800gtx is more powerful than the cell and rsx COMBINED ? lol even an 8800gts(thas MUCH MUCH weaker) will smoke the ps3s graphics hardware(spus and rsx). you could actually have built a pc in 2006 that surpassed the ps3 in power so what are you talking about? in 2006 a core 2 extreme qx6700 was available as well as the 8800gts/8800gt/8800gtx a pc with these components will smoke the ps3 in EVERYTHING. do you even know that the 8800 gtx has more ram and memory bandwidth than an entire ps3 ? you could even get an 8800gts with more ram and bandwidth than your ps3 lol pcs have been more powerful than consoles even before the ps3 launched the ps3 was never a titan or a beast or a powerful machine. In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king lol

jke822690d ago


yeah your right pcs are beasts with way more grapical power and all that but the few things pcs cant do or will ever do (ill make it short)
gran turismo 5,god of war 1,2,3, killzone, and dozens of other exclusives.......

not withstanding im not fond of replaceing/upgradeing my pc everytime a new graphic intesnive game comes out and i gotta spend 100-300$ just to make said game compatible

yeah ill stick to consoles, less overhead, less cost, plenty of games and exclusives, approaching the same level of basic functionality as a computer...thats any console now

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Why o why2690d ago

its why many will continue to support the playstation brand. They support their systems even at a loss

VINNIEPAZ2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Oh and here I thought people bought game systems because they wanted to play games. Thanks for clearing that up

EDIT @ phoenixdown

The fact that Sony loses money or not is in no way a factor if you want to buy something you will want to play. Look at Microsoft and the 1st xbox. They lost a lot there and still went and made the 360 which totally paid off for them. Stop thinking Sony is this almighty company that loves you so much and does all these wonderful things because they are just so cool. They are trying to make money off you like any other business. Things like bluray were added not because they really cared about storage for games but to win the format war with HD DVD which totally paid off for them. Its all about money

phoenixdown2690d ago

and why o why was just saying that the reason he still enjoys consoles from Sony is because they keep bringing the games and features even if it makes they lose a lot of money.

zero_cool2690d ago

Contribute or get the f out don't troll!

Why o why2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

support their systems....its not algebra is games. IF they stop producing games then thats the support gone.

Edit at edit

shut up. Nobody said that. Sony wont give a crap about my life if i fall on hard times. Im just a consumer to them but what they do do is provide me with games especially the types i like with a wider variety than its competitors. They supported their consoles and their medias even at a loss. Conversely you can look at what ms are doing and shifting their focus to the casuals even after how much they do actually make. Nintendo has always looked after their core with support baring the somewhat short life on the game cube. Dont worry i wont give sony any credit on a sony article because it upsets trolls again..

Course they're here to make loot...what company in sony's situation isn't but what im having to tell you is thats its a two way thing. They get my money, I get their games and support for the console i purchased... go whine elsewhere

Focker4202690d ago

Of course Sony wants to make money, but that doesn't mean they don't support their customers. The product needs to be worthwhile otherwise they won't get my cash, and the PS3 was more than worthwhile. I don't shell out $600 just because I like the company.

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2690d ago

VINNIE never skips a beat. He's always there to bash the crap out of Sony. Really sad.

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LilDeja932690d ago

Bring on the Games :D

Can't wait to see developers push it to its max .

perfectCarbonara2690d ago

Whatever Sony says is the epitome of truth.