Ratchet and Clank is a PS3 hit

The PlayStation 3 feels like it's finally starting to hit its stride. With the release of the third-person shooter "Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction," system owners will have another fantastic game to keep them occupied.

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lynx1halo4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

Certified where are your comments Xbroke Fanboys???

@Shadow Flare

boodybandit4872d ago (Edited 4872d ago )

and not just enjoy R&C?
I have finished it twice already. Now I am looking for all the hidden items and I will most likely play it a few more times. The game just draws you in with amazing visuals, excellent gameplay and a great story with slapstick humor.

Shadow Flare4872d ago

ahem...."PS3 has no games and it's too expensive"

Oh, wait a minute their Mr. Halobox, i believe the ps3 actually has incredibly awesome games now, and it only costs £300

Box Fanboy: "Uh,..uh...yeah well...our console sets fire! Can YOURS??"

Well you see Mr. Sawdust-inabox 360, normal people expect there games consoles to work past your next haircut

Box Fanboy: "Well at least we pay for an online service that offers up to 16 player online matches with little lag. HA"

PS3 has free online with up to 32 player matches, with no lag


ericnellie4872d ago

why talk trash? Your post has nothing to do with Ratchet & Clank! Shouldn't we all be talking about how bada$$ this game is and not how you feel about the 360;)

Well, I love this game -- awesome graphics, brillant controls, and great game play! Everyone just liked watching me play it;) Picked it up this weekend along with eye of judgement. Let's just say I was a gaming fool this weekend;)

Shadow Flare4872d ago

You're right. Unfortunately europe doesn't have this game yet. But the demo is great. I've only played Going Commando before but i do like Ratchet games. And TOD already looks awesome. I mean penguins with tophats man, what else does anyone need?

ericnellie4872d ago

Sorry you're in Europe buddy -- I could send you my copy but, I love the hell out of R&C and I know you will too;)

Topshelfcheese4872d ago

If you enjoyed the demo, the final game is so much better. It sad, cause there's people saying they wont buy it cause of the demo, but the full game is so much better.

Ju4872d ago

Actually that game is great just to watch someone playing. It really gives you a movie type experience. - Well, you guys, BTW. That demo is nothing compared to the things to come in some later levels...

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Bebedora4872d ago

I will live like in a dungeon for coming days when this runs on my ps3 come next week.

lonestarmt4872d ago

my girlfriend is going to hate my ps3 this november. lol.

Bleyd4872d ago

Get your girlfriend to play R&C also. My wife never plays games and she didn't know the first thing about how to use a dual analogue stick controller but I sat her down and she just got sucked in because of how cute the creatures were and their animations and reactions and because of the humor and everything. Her desire to see more of the game pushed her into learning how to use the controller and get over her lack of eye/hand coordination.

lonestarmt4872d ago

will do!! Thats a good idea, I should show her that, but she is normally pretty bad at video games, so maybe this game will help her out. I showed her odin sphere on the ps2, that she liked it so much I let her have my ps2 and she has already play it for 50 hours!! Isn't that crazy? so if she beat odin sphere she should be able to handle Rachet and clank.


graphics are movie, and a AAA game for ps3, AGAIN

Twist964872d ago

What was the last AAA game for the PS3?

DEADEND4872d ago

This is one of many AAA titles coming to the PS3, from now until April 08 there is a AAA title every month for the PS3. On top of all that there should be another price cut Q2 08, so I can see SONY making a huge come back.

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