GamerGaia Preview: Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising

Oganalp Canatan of GamerGaia says:"Rome rising has some serious issues to fix before going for retail. The release date is close by and the game asks for monthly subscription fees. Worth it? Well, judge it by yourself after the preview."

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rmoar2692d ago

Well,as a poor college student monthly fees are the bane of my existence... so no Gods & Heroes for me.

lolpidian2692d ago

I can understand a game asking for fees. However, I prefer a game to earn it first.

TheFodi2692d ago

Nobody wants to play an MMO set in ancient Rome. Where will you get flying mounts?

lolpidian2692d ago

The game has mythological creatures but still with quite limited content.

flipmop442692d ago

A game has to be really spectacular for me to pay a monthly fee for it.

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