Top 5 Fails of E3 2011

The losers and losers of E3 2011.

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Urmomlol2688d ago

More biased, unprofessional, amateur hack journalism. YAWN.

MinusTheBear2687d ago

I agree, something like that shouldn't be number one when Microsoft had a disaster of a conference. More bias against Sony in the media.

Corepred42687d ago

Never understood why people hate AT&T so much. I have never had a problem with them. With neither my phone reception or internet speed. Am I missing something? Is Verizon really 100x better like most people would like be to believe?

WesMcLaren2687d ago

They only have faulty coverage in one state...California, which is the home of games journalism...

Lich1202687d ago

Everyone I know who has an iPhone (when it was exclusive) in Seattle pretty much ripped on its abilities to make calls non-stop, but had the mentality it was worth it since the iPhone was in a league of its own for a long time. I have verizon, which I still think sucks, but I never drop calls at least.

Mainly the whole carrier system is just a bad model since it ruins (maybe not ruins... but definitely hinders) the product for anyone who has a different cell phone provider. Which is a lot of people. So I can see how the crowd would not be overly excited about this.

sporteous1212122687d ago

I like the comment right at the end about his own choice of biggest fail was not a surprise 'because of the year Sony has been having.' What does that have to do with E3? He is just taking a shot at Sony...very professional.

GodHandDee2687d ago

AT&T announcement was the biggest fail? REALLY!? did we watch the same E3?

ImpliedDeception2687d ago

The exclusivity with AT&T was a pretty big fail in my eyes...

I can hopefully pocket the $50 difference in SKU's and put it towards tethering or a my-fi, though... All hope is not lost. :P

Corepred42687d ago

Can't be that bad. Iphone was exclusive to ATT for a while and it still sold by the tons!

konigxs2687d ago

Terrible article. "Smooth recovery" for the Microsoft controller disconnect problem? Pffft. The fact that it HAPPENED is a bigger fail than PSVita's announcement.

T-K47x2687d ago

When Nintendo announce Wii U.... I'm sorry but everyone was expecting a brand new console that would supposedly put the PS3 and 360 in there places, instead we get an accessory for the already outdated Wii and then afterwards people applaud and praise it?

christheredhead2687d ago

the wii u is an accessory for the wii? what e3 did you watch?

MetroidKong2687d ago

It is a new console. They were just showing off the controller, and not the new box you put the disks in. You can see the new system in the background of the videos. It looks similar in shape and color to the wii, but it is still different.

jacksonmichael2687d ago

Louis CK did a bit on AT&T in his Live in Houston special, and it was positive (ish)... That's all I know about AT&T. Stupid provincial cell phone carriers (Sasktel... We didn't get the iPhone here until a month or two ago).

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