E3 2011: Ten Thoughts On… UFC 3

DHGF: There wasn’t a playable demo available on the floor for the next UFC game, but I had a chance to go to a screening of the game in the theater THQ had set up to show off the next installment of the popular MMA series. Personally, as a huge MMA fan, I was looking forward in particular to seeing some of the changes to UFC Undisputed 3; EA MMA had some great ideas (even if not implemented very well), and I was highly critical of some of the changes made between UFC 2009 and UFC 2010 (auto-block = bad).

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rogimusprime2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I was in that little theater showing too! a little before 1pm. the guy practically begged folks to go in there yesterday since there was no line. I loved the little blonde booth chick with the silicone--- oh wait... that doesn't really prove anything.

Anyway, the game is shaping up to be great. The submission system was kind of confusing, but it seemed really fair assuming that both players know what they are doing. new players are going to get submitted every single time.

the addition of pride rules was a plus too, keeping it separate from the UFC, but included in the game. since EA MMA is SCREWED now, looks like this game will be the one to beat.

ps - seeing rampage get his face stomped in pride mode was awesome.