Sony, Capcom announce Biohazard: Degeneration

Capcom and Sony Computer Entertainment Pictures have announced plans to produce a feature-length CGI movie based on the highly successful Biohazard (known as Resident Evil in the west) videogames franchise.

Titled Biohazard: Degeneration, the movie is currently scheduled for release some time in 2008, and will be the first full length CGI adaptation of the popular survival horror series

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unlimited4869d ago

Blue ray exclusive confirmed..but still they should of least make one game exclusive for sony,,

MADGameR4869d ago

I hope this one takes place in the Arklay Forest going to the Spencer Mansion because I love RE1 original and remake! Zombies+Mansion+Moonlight Sonata=True RE classic!

lawman11084869d ago

I thought they were going to make A GAME

Kleptic4869d ago

just seeing that picture reminds me of the 1st RE...what a great game...I hope this CGi movie has all the great acting of the original game (all of which is arguably on par with every crap RE movie made so far)...

"What??...What is this?..."
"What is it?"
"Blood....I hope THIS is not CHRIS's blood..."

"Jill...step away from the door Jill...I am going to kick THIS door down"

"Wesker is a crazy man"...

thats it for now...brings back memories...

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HarryEtTubMan4870d ago

Awesome news... I love RESIDENT EVIL!

Zhuk4870d ago

I am pretty excited for this, the live action films were pretty decent but this will be incredible and more true to the games since it is in CG

predator4870d ago

lets hope they actually follow the game plot, then it would be amazing

MK_Red4869d ago

Now that's how RE franchise should be adapted into movie. Avoid non-game characters like Alice at all cost.

Superb news and find.

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The story is too old to be commented.