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The latest EDGE reviews include Child of Eden, a surprising score for inFamous 2, El Shaddai, and more.

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Shanks2691d ago

LA Noire – 8
Infamous 2 – 6
Child of Eden – 8
Brink – 6
Witcher 2 – 6
El Shaddai – 8
Dirt 3 – 9
Bangai HD: Missile Fury – 8
Dead of Alive Dimension – 7

moegooner882691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Not surprised about infamous 2 score, remember their 'if infamous 2 is better than crackdown 2 we will eat our hats' troll comment made 9 months ago !

news4geeks2691d ago

They still need to eat their hats. Crackdown2 is a 70 on meta whilst infamous2 is currently at 86.

pangitkqb2691d ago

Edge...I just don't have anything good to say about it. Elitist in its demeanor, I find the quality of the reviews in no way justifies how seriously the publication takes itself.

Honestly, I disagree with no other gamespress source more often.

zootang2691d ago

Anyone remeber Edge v Metacritic chart?? How edge over scores 360 vs Meta and Edge under scores PS3 vs Meta. They are just a joke and not credible.

Why o why2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

zootang, yeah i remember that. I posted it like 50 times. Edge are corrupt..end of. If infamous was made buy a uk dev or MS studios it would of scored higher... Id actually put money on it


thats 51:)

Information Minister2690d ago

For the love of gaming!!!! Stop listening to reviewers and try the games for yourselves. I've had great experiences with games that got poor reviews.

"Professional" reviewers are more interested in pleasing the marketing department of publishers, than they are in their duty towards gamers.

Tommykrem2690d ago

Yeah, I've played the game for 30 minutes and it's already been worth a 7!

maniacmayhem2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Did you guys also hear that Edge keeps Hitler's brain alive and frozen in a bottle in their basement?
And they also sacrifice new borns to the demon god Set.

Really you people need to stop. A couple of reviews against the ps3 and you guys grab the torches and pitchforks.

inveni02690d ago

I've gotta tell you, I was pretty underwhelmed by inFamous 2 during the first 9 chapters. I know it doesn't strip your powers, but it sure feels like it, for some reason (at least after playing the demo). But once you meet up with Nix, the game gets seriously awesome. Not a 6, but I guess every controversy-feeding publication needs its food source.

Why o why2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )


why not just read the article people are posting instead of dismissing everybody speaking out like we're paranoid. Its right there http://edgevsmeta.blogspot.... this was written a while ago and its STILL going on...Im not gunna blacklist their website or send em hate mail I will just never listen to their reviews without a pinch of salt. They act corrupt and please after it reading dont come with some 'its only x's opinion' defense when the actual facts point to the contrary. Our gaming industry isnt immune to corruption, back handers or bias. That is a naive way of thinking

Ill add that they are very bias towards uk devs whether they are on the ps3 or not...check EDGE's score for codemasters games especially...All above the average. I hear this last game is real good so im surprised they didnt hit it up with a ten....crackdown 2 8....lmao, opinions-shminions

MariaHelFutura2690d ago

Sacrificing is under-rated.

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-Superman-2691d ago

Crackdown 2: 8/10
Infamous 2: 6/10

WTF is this???

Yi-Long2691d ago

... you already know that each and every month they'll have a couple of ridiculous scores to pull in some attention.

GamesTM is the better publication anyway.

Figboy2690d ago

It's Edge.

I guess inFAMOUS 2 having: Better visuals than inFAMOUS 1, a brand new city to explore, new powers (50 in all), a better story, tighter controls, UGC, and overall more polish isn't worth an 8 at least.

But hey, Crackdown 2: Same city. WORSE visuals than Crackdown 1, barely any new abilities (an odd controlling, no story worth mentioning, same controls, no UGC, and overall less polish than CD1 is worth an 8.

And this is coming from a guy that LOVES Crackdown 1. I was so disappointed in CD2, after being excited that MS had greenlit a sequel.

inFAMOUS 2 is better than inFAMOUS 1, and WAAAAY better than Crackdown 2 and Prototype.

We all know Edge's deal, so why even get up in arms about it? It's been proven they have a bias against the PS3. Proven by math, oddly enough. This isn't some fanboy argument, but fact at this point.

They underscore PS3 exclusives, and, if not overscore, they at least give 360 exclusives better consideration when scoring them.

i'm not saying many of the 360 exclusives they score 8/10 and above DIDN'T deserve those scores: i happened to really enjoy Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Alan Wake, and Gears of War; I'm just saying that not every single PS3 title released this generation is a 6/10 game, which Edge would have you believe.

i don't read Edge reviews, because I find the whole site pretentious and elitist. They wear their bias on their sleeve. It's a shame so many people take their reviews seriously.

Fortunately, inFAMOUS 2 clearly speaks for itself, since there's a demo for those on the fence to try out.

I'm only on the 15th mission (after doing a bunch of side quests and collecting tons of blast shards), but the game is so much better than inFAMOUS 1 it's crazy. And I LOVED inFAMOUS 1 (as I stated numerous times before, it's probably my favorite new IP of the generation next to the Uncharted series).

omni_atlas2691d ago


Its a gamers duty to post this link everytime edge scores are posted.

DavidMacDougall2691d ago

Good read, shocking how they are allowed to even review it but i guess they can't stop them.

HaHa_Ostrich2691d ago

Wow, I always thought EDGE was rough with reviews, but this much biased against one platform? Ridiculous.

Zir02691d ago

Shocked at the Witcher 2 but pleasantly surprised about Child of Eden.

EVILDEAD3602691d ago

Go Child of Eden! Can't wait..

Christopher2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

I think UK has its own concept of what makes a game good and what they like in their games. It's just weird seeing how many of their reviews tend to buck the trend in both North America and the rest of Europe. And this isn't just Edge.

Edit: Also, they have a huge history of bias towards UK-based developers like Codemasters, MediaMolecule, and the like.

solidjun52691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

"Also, they have a huge history of bias towards UK-based developers like Codemasters, MediaMolecule, and the like."

Took the words right out my mouth (hands, I guess). They do have this huge bias towards UK-based developers. I wish there was an alternative dimension where sucker-punch was from UK. Then It would be interesting to see the scores for Infamous or other non UK games.

And I think they love the attention.

callahan092691d ago

Infamous 2 - 6? What a fucking joke. These guys are so obviously biased.

MostJadedGamer2690d ago

They are the most honest guys in the business. They don't let hype dictate the score they give a game like almost everybody else does. I am so tired of all the 9's, and 8's that everybody else hands out like candy.

callahan092690d ago

They make numerous references in the review to how Crackdown and Prototype are sooooo much better than inFamous in every way. It's a goddamn joke. Does anybody agree with that assessment in the criticism business besides Edge? They have a prejudice against the franchise right now in this moment, and it is effecting their judgment.

BlackTar1872690d ago

yea like crackdown 2 getting higher then 5. That is a tragedy in itself.

Edge are biased they arn't some white light of non bias no hype peur gamers. its been proven and they continue to prove it over every month.

Worthless site people should not give hits to.

1 day people will wake up and stop going to these places. Then i bet EDGE will sing a different tune

ChronoJoe2691d ago

I thought by surprising, it meant they might have actually given Infamous 2 a good score. lol



I still dont know how EDGE gets a free pass when time and time again they show they are bias against the ps3.

MoveTheGlow2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Has anyone read the actual review for Infamous 2 yet? Here's the link:

If you don't want to net Edge any hits, here's the lowdown: They completely hate Cole's character and think he's a conglomerate of recent pop culture, they think the story is paper-thin, they like the first half of the game much better than the second, and the moral compass execution is too linear.

They absolutely love the user-generated content implementation. That's about it for love.

Basically, it's a content-focused review - story, dialogue, moral compass, etc. There's hardly anything technical about it. I disagree with the basis for their pretty-darn-low-for-the-score- inflation-era score, but make of this review what you will.

callahan092691d ago

Yeah, they do that because they know that technically the game is great. It has great graphics, animation, controls, and gameplay features. So since they'd made up their minds a year before the game even came out that they weren't going to like it, they had to fall back on something completely subjective to trash it on so they could justify their prejudice against the against: story and characters.

They'd decided as soon as it was announced that Crackdown 2 was a better game, even though they hadn't played either game yet. That set in motion their agenda and they made sure to carry it out so they didn't have to "eat their hats."

Funny that Cole's character and the so-called "paper-thin" story were enough to get their wrath for Infamous 2 but completely stereotypical and hollow characters and an infinitely thinner story in Crackdown 2 didn't garner the same criticisms. Interesting? Not really. It's painfully obvious: they'd made up their minds on how they were going to score these two games before they'd even played them, so all they needed to do was come up with some BS write-ups to try to justify the scores.

showtimefolks2690d ago

witcher 2 is atleast a 8/10 if not high 9.
infamous 2 is mid eight to low 9
brink is about 7/10
la:n is different after playing through it for me personally its a 7/10(just personal taste i guess)
child of eden i will play and see

witchers 2 and infamous deserve better and infamous is better than crackdown no doubt about it

MostJadedGamer2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

"Edge...I just don't have anything good to say about it. Elitist in its demeanor, I find the quality of the reviews in no way justifies how seriously the publication takes itself.

Honestly, I disagree with no other gamespress source more often."

Edge is about the only mag or site that actually grades fairly. Just about everybody else falls for hype way too easily, and hands out WAY too many 9's, and 8's.

Edge is about the only one that is not afriad to say what they actually think about a game. Their not afriad to give a big name game what they think it actually deserves.

Lets face it. If you are actually honest most games don't deserve more then a 6 anyway.

callahan092690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

If you believe Edge is honest because they gave Infamous 2 a 6 and most games don't deserve a 6, then how do you explain their other reviews? Almost everything gets over a 6.

Sorry, out of bubbles, but I have a response to you again MostJadedGamer.

I will give you this: "By honest I mean they give the game the score they think it deserves regardless of hype or name." I most certainly agree. However, it's painfully obvious that what "they think it deserves" is influenced by their prejudices. They decided the day Infamous 2 was announced they it wasn't as good as Crackdown 2. They even said they'd "eat their hats" if it was. Well, they didn't want to eat their hats, so this is what we get.

BlackTar1872690d ago

This guy works for them

They are not honest. I have been gaming since card readers and to say that most games are 6 is asinine. Go back to your Website

You are ridiculous in your futile attempt to damage control the ignorance and hate of EDGE

MostJadedGamer2690d ago

"If you believe Edge is honest because they gave Infamous 2 a 6 and most games don't deserve a 6, then how do you explain their other reviews? Almost everything gets over a 6."

By honest I mean they give the game the score they think it deserves regardless of hype or name.

So lets say you have big AAA sequel on one hand, and a new IP from a small devloper on the other hand. Both those games will be treated the same by Edge.

As far as me personally yea I think very few games should get over a 6. Almost every game I play is nothing buy a huge dissapointment.

jrbeerman112690d ago

The fact that they gave crackdown 2 an 8, really kills the arguments against infamous though.

Crackdown 2 didnt even have a story, jus a guy saying do this do that, it was on the same map as crackdown 1 which is near criminal. It felt like crackdown 1 was 2's sequel. Never have i been so dissapointed in a sequel in my life. It was a 60 dollar expansion that actually made game worse. Ill jus play crackdown 1 again thank you.

So to say that infamous was two points less is definitely biased. I am loving infamous 2 so far though im not far into it.

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marinelife92690d ago

This is why I couldn't care less what Edge thinks of a game. Thanks for posting the scores Shanks so I didn't have to click on their link.

xTruthx2690d ago

I have read other of maniacmayhem post and hes really blind lol. No point to argue, people show evidence he still doesn't get it.

Persistantthug2690d ago

This is a straight up BULLSH17 MAGAZINE.

As far as I'm concerned this was the last piece of truth that we needed.

It's confirmed.....That is an XBOT magazine.

maniacmayhem2690d ago

Why oh why

I have a better option how about you create your own review magazine and rate every game you see fit.

Just because they rate inFamous 2 a low score and Crackdown 2 higher they're sony haters and biased? Maybe...just maybe they liked crackdown better...could that be it. Tell me what would be their major agenda or grand plan scoring inFamous 2 low? Hopes of using this score to conquer the world? And please dont say they're paid by MS.

You people are paranoid you use reviews and metacritic when its convenient. Then slam it when its not.very hypocritical.

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TheLastGuardian20102691d ago

El Shaddi is looking like a darkhorse for potential goty.

It's already gotten a 9/10 from eurogamer, and now an 8/10 from Edge.

I knew this game was special.

Nice score Child of Eden also.

jack_burt0n2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

dont get me wrong shaddai is surprisingly well put together.

but edge is a joke magazine, the reviews are not to be taken seriously at all.

they roll a ten sided dice after every review gets submitted, they wrote a couple articles about it years ago but nobody read it.

pr0digyZA2691d ago

Well it is from the character designer of okami and devil may cry so hopefully he picked up a few tricks from those games, it certainly has the arty style from his previous work.

MoveTheGlow2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

After the demo, I'm convinced that El Shaddai will be amazing. I was really happy about the art style in the small amounts of screenshots and low-quality video I'd seen of it before, but seeing this thing in action is another beast altogether. It runs at a smooth 60fps, it hardly has a HUD at all but still works, and unlike many current Japan-developed titles, much of the dialogue takes place during gameplay. I'm thrilled, and I can't wait.

Child of Eden looks amazing, but Summer isn't going to be my time to play it, as I don't have the dosh to own every console and pay for Live on top of it. Oh well, something to look forward to later.

gameseveryday2691d ago

Edge Troll again: Infamous 2...6...really?

Daver2691d ago

infamous 2 and the witcher a 6? really? this site is a joke. Fire that guy.

MasterCornholio2691d ago

Both of them are great titles yet Crackdown 2 managed to score higher than those 2 games. Edge is a joke.

schlanz2691d ago

If inFamous 2 is as good as Witcher 2, then I am completely sold.

Myze2690d ago

Heh, was thinking the same thing. I've played both games now. I've beat The Witcher 2 already and played Infamous 2 a few hours now. So basically Edge is just reaffirming what they have proven in the past, they don't know what they are talking about the vast majority of the time and quite often have terrible taste in games.

xTruthx2690d ago

Just wait for the witcher 2 to hit 360 lol.

xtremegamerage2691d ago

Edge went bad a few years ago tbh.

Not sure what the problem is but seriously those scores are ROFL.