How to Get StreetPass Hits on your 3DS

When you come home carrying your 3DS, hoping to get a visit from someone else’s Mii, there’s a ton of stuff you can do. Have a new team to destroy in Pro Evolution Soccer, or some new dogs to play with in Nintendogs. But most of the time you never see that green light. So if you want a few extra StreetPass hits, take this advice.

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agentxk2688d ago

The first one would actually work quite well

stragomccloud2688d ago

Funny stuff... Well, going to Japan helps too. Everytime I get on the train I get 10 hits.

Technical World2688d ago

I take it every time I go around the mall. I get at least five hits every time. And I live near Syracuse, but it rlly isnt that busy.

GuruStarr782688d ago

I'm closing in on 200 hits. I live in Chicago though, so it's easier here. I went to an anime convention last month here in Chicago and got about 80 in 5 hours.

It's all really about where you live or going to conventions. If you live in boo-foo you're obviously not going to get many, but if you live in a bigger city, you're chances are higher that you'll get several.

agentxk2687d ago

I am bringing mine when I go help my brother in Tallahassee, should get some there