Dynamic Player Performance screens released for Madden NFL 12

Electronic Arts today released nineteen new screens for Madden NFL 12, showcasing the new Dynamic Player Performance feature that will be in the upcoming football game.

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xxLuckyStrike2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

Same game engine as 2005 if im not mistaken...No thanks

NoobJobz2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

I just wish the ratings in Madden felt like they actually meant something. It seems as long as someone is really fast, they are an all star, even if their overall rating is like a 50. If my QB has terrible throwing power and accuracy, but has 85+ speed, he can complete 90% of all throws and throw 5,000+ yards on the season. Same with RB's and WR's. As long as they are really fast, they will score all the time. Defensively, I feel no difference between the great players and backups. Speed seems to be the only thing that matters. A LB with a 65 overall rating but 85 speed will get more tackles than Ray Lewis, Urlacher, etc.

Can you just give me a game that doesnt rely on speed but actual talent of the players? Thanks

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are amazing in real life. Madden, not so much. They seem no different from any other QB.