Nintendo Still Not Keen On Wii HDD

You want to play the presumption game when it comes to the Wii's storage space solutions, you're going to get burned. You'd presume Nintendo would be very, very keen on a HDD for the Wii, what with the VC getting bigger and WiiWare due in a few months.

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KeiZka4060d ago

Though they may change their minds later on, who knows? But kudos for them for creating a game console amidst of consoles that try to be consoles/media hubs.

PS360WII4060d ago

This is an quote from an article already posted here but I still have the same feeling. I don't want to delete a game to make room for a new one. When I buy a game I want total access to it. The worse answer ever is 'Just delete it'

Some people say I can't call out Nintendo when they do something wrong. Well not bringing an external hdd to the Wii is a big blunder and they need to do something about this. It's ridiculous really. I like to buy VC games and I've put up with the delete and buy for awhile, but it's stopped me lately from getting more games cuz I just don't want to deal with it. WiiWare will be a bigger challenge for I think bigger games will show up there.

Not having a HDD will stop a lot of sales for people don't want to 'Just delete it'

TruthbeTold4060d ago why Nintendo doesn't just make it possible to, and promote recording extra VC games onto a memory stick through one of the USB ports? You can get a tiny 2 gig memory stick these days for 20 bucks at many types of stores. Having to delete and re-download games that we buy is an insult imo. They're pretty much telling us to F-off when it comes to anything remotely resembling a hard drive, and they are pinning their own potential growth down.

--Onilink--4060d ago

Well yes its really frustrating this problem, and i dont have any idea why nintendo still hasnt released one yet. But that Final Fantasy WiiWare game was some kind of confirmation for me about a future HDD, because there is NO WAY that kind of game, with those graphics to fit into 450mb. So i think they will anounce it when they release WiiWare

ItsDubC4060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

Again, this guy is nuts for comparing the usability of a multi-gig iPod to a 512mb Wii (less if you actually have gamesaves). I can understand his analogy about ppl eventually pulling older stuff off their iPods in favor of new music but the sheer size and type of iPod storage means that that time-consuming and somewhat tedious transaction not only occurs rarely, but also quicker (USB transfer speeds > online download speeds).

Grr Nintendo. Grr.

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The story is too old to be commented.