E3 2011: Carmack: Consoles hampering raw horsepower of PCs

To summarise what we like to think of as Carmack's PC Buyer's Guide, the legendary Doom man said "There's no way to go wrong with nVidia and AMD" in terms of graphics cards before moving on to the wider issue:

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BeastlyRig2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

I find it interesting that games like left 4 dead, BF2, MineCraft, The witcher 2, Half life 2, & Terraria can sell well on pc.

But all the console porting developers seem to not know why they can't sell on pc!

I see that some people are moving over to pc after bf3 footage and player count info!

TBM2740d ago

Im more a console gamer than pc, and if you feel its holding you back you could always develop strictly for pc.

solidworm2740d ago

....and nobody cares Carmack so get over it.

bumnut2740d ago

you cared enough to read the article and post a comment though, so maybe you do care a little.

wicko2740d ago

1. That's not what he said, CVG is full of shit.
2. Everyone cares, because this guy is one smart motherfucker.

What he actually said (and this is taken from this article):

"It is a little bit of a shame that despite the raw horsepower, we are hampered by the arm's length API interface because it is, unhappily, true that we have the consoles here running at 60 frames per second and we can have these massively more powerful PC systems that struggle sometimes to hold the framerate because of unnecessary overheads."

This API he refers to are the ones on nVidia's and AMD's cards - he's complaining that PC videocards don't let you get right into the hardware like you can on console.

wicko2740d ago

pretty sure, you don't matter

scotchmouth2740d ago

I'd love to see the numbers. From what I have noticed over the years is that PC gaming is a small portion of the pie. A lot of gamers aren't interested in buying new components to run the latest game.

When I go out I can buy a game and that's it. Depending on your computer you may have to get a couple of things significantly raising the cost.

Imagine buying Crysis 2, upgrading your computer to play it and then being disappointed because it's not all that great. Not really a good investment. With technology changing so quickly it's a better bet to stick with a console.

zag2740d ago

PC games a small pie?

A you joking?

PC games sold over a billion dollars last year.

Console games that sell just over a million copies is considered a huge success in PC games that would barely cause a blip.

scotchmouth2740d ago

Remember when I said "I'd love to see the numbers" and "from what i noticed..."?

That should answer your first two questions.

Pick a franchise and make a pie graph. GTA IV. Who had what percentage of sales? 360 gets a slice, PS3 gets a slice and PC gets a slice.

Pick popular multiplat titles. Maybe you can start to see where I am coming from?

The main focus isn't on the PC anymore and hasn't been for some time. If you want to disagree I am open to looking at links you may provide to refute me. Again I would be interested in seeing numbers like that.

Tachyon_Nova2740d ago

Why? So you are always 2 or 3 generations behind?

scotchmouth2740d ago

While that may be true technology wise it has zero bearing on my gaming.

I'm a multiplatorm gamer. I have a 360 and a PS3. What am I missing out on by not utilizing my computer for gaming? The hottest cutting edge graphics? To be honest its subjective. A lot of people don't view the PC as an option for a variety of reasons. While the hardware that makes up my systems might be out of date, there are developers that constantly push what they can do thus developing great games.

Owning both I have access to great exclusives.

VampiricDragon2740d ago

pc's are gaming afterthoughts..........

MasterCornholio2740d ago (Edited 2740d ago )

Then dont develop for console and only make games for the PC. Its that simple.

BTW my platform of choice is the PS3.

PS: Didnt John Carmack get eaten by a mutant in the doom movie?

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