inFamous 2 Review (

*** Contains little Infamous 1 spoiler***

GB: "The original inFamous was noted for being one of the most amazing super hero games of 2009. Not only that the game threw a Hollywood style plotline, represented by comic style cutscenes. The sequel to Cole’s jaw dropping adventure now returns with addictive powers, gameplay and updated visuals. inFamous 2 is a direct sequel to the original where Kessler had foretold the coming of the Beast. Co-incidentally the game begins with a rather short boss battle with Cole facing against the Beast, but as expected our hero is not all that powerful yet to take out the Beast. Cole along with his ‘old’ friend Zeke flee to New Marais, a place which is inspired by New Orleans. Apparently this is the very place that Ray Sphere was developed, which was the central theme of inFamous. This is your new world where Cole will meet some of the new characters, face off against some crazy enemies, monsters and meet new friends."

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moegooner882688d ago (Edited 2688d ago )

Great review, definitely gonna pick this up