PS Vita's Gravity Daze Debut Trailer

Here's the first trailer for this promising action game developed for the PS Vita.

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Cloudberry2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

The gravity defying game-play & movements looks great.

Graphics too.

I really love Kat (the main character?) when she's pulled off by the gravity.

Instead of flying (like Superman's flying pose), Kat's body reaction is of that falling down / get pulled by the gravity wherever she wants it; so it's more natural in my opinion.

I've been interested with Gravity Daze ever since the first NGP (Vita) video montages back at January.

It seems I'm not mistaken about it. : )

miyamoto2688d ago

A very unique & innovative game if you ask me.

The game looks like anime/manga style like Malicious.

You just can't do all these gyro tilting while playing a game on the 3DS with out loosing the 3D effect and the color values.

This game could be the breakthrough title that will save the Japanese game maker's reputation from the rut.

StbI9902691d ago

Gravity Daze > Kid floparus

forevercloud30002691d ago

I don't know why Sony hasn't been showing this off. It looks rly fun. Hopefully its an Action JRPG. That would make my day. Gameplay looks unique.

labaronx2690d ago

interesting titles

watch list

NellyNel_7_1_32690d ago

Awesome game! Was this game shown at Sony's E3 briefing? I watched the Sony's Conference but I do not remember seeing this game there.

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