Witcher 2 most complex and mature RPG ever on Xbox 360

CD Projekt has revealed some new details on the Xbox 360 version RPG The Witcher 2. During a presentation at the E3 trade show in LA the studio revealed the philosophy behind the port and its plans for DLC.

According to CD Projekt The Witcher 2 is the "most complex and mature RPG ever released on Xbox 360".

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Nate-Dog2689d ago

"The Xbox 360 version of The Witcher 2 is said to be "more of an adaptation" than a straight port, and will include extensive post-release support as well as all the improvements and DLC released for the PC version of the game - all on the disc from day one."

Awesome to hear, really am looking forward to this.

green2689d ago

Keeping an eye out on this one. PC version is an outstanding game and if they can successfully bring the magic to the 360 version, then this will be an awesome addition to the 360's library.

Hands Up For Games2689d ago

I honestly dont know how anyone can disagree with your statement Nate, this place baffles me sometimes???

fluffydelusions2689d ago

It's n4g. This comment will disagrees too! :)

EVILDEAD3602689d ago

Yeah this and Minecraft came of nowhere..although Witcjer 2 had earlier reports showing a 360's great to get an official announcement..look forward to it

I_find_it_funny2689d ago

Dragon Age is no competition for Witcher, Skyrim is.

EVILDEAD3602689d ago

NOTHING is comp for Skyrim..

LocO_o2689d ago

Great that it coming to a console as I am not a PC gamer.

I only wish that it was coming out for the PS3 as well being that I play all my RPG games on my PS3.

If money or resourses is the reason for not having a PS3 version why does'nt Sony help them publish the game? This seems like a game that is perfect for the PS3 core ala Demon Soul.

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MariaHelFutura2689d ago

If this doesn`t get announced for the PS3, I`ll 100% be buying this for my 360. I`m hype.

VampiricDragon2689d ago

Mature........very likely.

Vega752689d ago

I'm glad they are bringing it to the 360. Now my best friend can buy the game and enjoy it since he's not into pc gaming like I am.

LocO_o2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

No comparison.

Witcher 2 is not a game that you can run and slash.

Skyrim will probably be more casual friendly being that majority of console owners complain about game being too hard.

Ninja Gaiden is a perfect example of developers making console games easier to please a cetain demographic.

MinusTheBear2689d ago

My brother is 12 and he hacked and slashed his way through Witcher 2 in like 9 hours on normal difficulty.

pr0digyZA2689d ago

9 hours? he didn't do very much or explore it took majority of players 15hours to get past act 1. maybe he changed the difficulty because you can do it on the fly.

2689d ago
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