Neocrisis: New Armored Core V Trailer - E3

Neocrisis: Here is a new trailer for Armored Core V coming to PS3 and 360.

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Burning_Finger2691d ago

Looks great..

From Software is an awesome developer.

jazzking20012691d ago

what is the release date?

thereapersson2688d ago

They are one of the only remaining Japanese developers who are willing to continue to produce cutting-edge games, or push the envelope in regards to what we know about any given genre they decide to dabble in. They've already revolutionized the RPG genre with Demon's Souls, so hopefully they can re-invent and improve on the Armored Core series, and make it as great as the PS2-era games were.

Godmars2902691d ago

Wonder if the bio-weapon/rouge AI mechs will make a comeback. Would be interesting if an organized team had to go up against a hoard/swarm type enemy.