Bobby Kotick wanted to play Battlefield 3 at E3. EA said No.

Activision boss asked for a cheeky gander. True story.

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TrevorPhillips4305d ago

I only got 1 thing to say Battlefield 3 :)

OmegaSlayer4305d ago

I would deny Kotick even to sleep in a cardboard under a bridge. :p

MostJadedGamer4305d ago

"I'm no Kotick fan but seemed like a harmless all-in-good-fun gesture. Sometimes we take this stuff too seriously."

The thing is nothing good at all could come out of this.

EA probably discuss briefly the positves, and negatives of letting Kotick play, and I guarantee they found no positives, and there could be unforseen negatives.

rezzah4305d ago

First thing that came to mind was that he may rip off one of their gameplay mechanics.

He seems to be the kind to do that, BF3 isn't some small FPS. 3, unlike 2, really has the advantage over the new COD game. The reason being since COD isn't improving at all except for maybe a few new gameplay mechanics.

killershadow1174305d ago

The article says that they did talk it over for a moment and told Kotick's rep that it was not possible. What is funny is that his rep got mad and had a little argument before leaving, like Kotick had a right to be able to play it even though they didn't offer for any of them to play MW3.

Clarence4305d ago

Kotick seems like a unsavory fellow. Both games are months away. Dice is doing nothing but protecting their product. MW1 was nice but they have done nothing new to enhance the game. Kotick knows that BF3 is a beast of a FPS. I know it wont sell more than MW3, but It will definitely be the better of the two games.

Kotick can go on YouTube if wants to see BF3.

Christopher4305d ago

It's on the Internet, it must be true. Especially with all of the documented proof to support what was reported.

snipes1014305d ago

The headline made me lol.

hassi944304d ago

I don't blame EA to be honest! Who knows what trouble he could've caused. Letting him play it wasn't ever going to have any sort of advantage - he wasn't going to tell the press how good of an experience he had. It would either be nothing said at all or something negative so why bother?

ABizzel14303d ago

I wouldn't want his danky self getting near my game either, no telling what kind of bugs he has. MW2 got all it's bugs because he got to close to it.

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CNXN4305d ago

I want cod to die ... damn you kotick you goddamn greedy basterd ran guitar hero right into the ground and hopefully the rest of your franchises follow suit

EYEamNUMBER14305d ago

i want people to stop being stupid and hating a game like its their job we wont all get what we want

i remember the good old days when people didn't like something they just had nothing to do with it and that was that

lil Titan4305d ago

i remember the good ol days when there wasnt so many FPS but im still looking forward to taking everyone's tags in your back

mastiffchild4305d ago

EYEam-Ithink youmiss the point. Sure, we can allaccept there are ga,mes that just don't do it for us, thousands of them for each of us. Now, hating COD isn't a fad or a fashion it's down to them treating it like another kind of game people feel ripped off when buying-the yearly Fifa/Madden games. At least they have the roster and league and kit changes to justify it:what reason has Kotick, beyond greed, to release almost the same M for give years(with MW3)?

They haven't even given consoles dedicated servers yet-COD deserves it's hate just as much as it deserves it's success for hitting a formula that sells. It's the way they make the formula while adding nothing of value that winds us up.

People don't hate on Halo the same, do they? Exactly, then it's not just that people don't like COD or Kotick, is it? If you like a quick shooter it's STILL a decent game at it's heart but it's just not improved and they milk it-that's why it winds people p. That and them asking for more every two minutes.

FragGen4305d ago

This. Times a million. If you don't like COD, ignore it, just quit whining like a little b*tch. It won't be the most popular game in the universe forever.

I'm looking forward to BF3 more than MW3. But I'm buying both, because I have a job, and life is short.

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Jezuz4305d ago


frostypants4305d ago

I'm no Kotick fan but seemed like a harmless all-in-good-fun gesture. Sometimes we take this stuff too seriously.

unknownhero11234305d ago


I really can't blame EA, I mean activision is suing EA so I wouldn't want kotick near any of my products if he did that to me.

Dac2u4305d ago

That's hilarious! I'll bet anything Kottick pushes the release date of MW3 ahead of BF3.

Lord_Sloth4305d ago

Wouldn't surprise me but would be a bad idea. Games are getting buggy because of cutting dev/testing time. Although since I don't play CoD, it could be funny.

Spinal4305d ago

lol bobby wanted to steal ideas. too little too late son. That dated call of duty engine will show its age no doubt.

Menech4305d ago

Actually if you watched the interview he seemed nicer about Battlefield 3 then EA was about Call of Duty.

He was simply trying to give then a nod in my opinion EA are the ones being the prick this time around.

Spinal4305d ago

He can play when he buys it like the rest of us lol

PandaJenkins4305d ago

It's called trying to make yourself look like the good guy and EA look like the bad guys. We all know better though :).

csreynolds4305d ago

It's called a poker face.

downwardspiral4305d ago

yeah he was probably being nice because he knows that cod days are numbered lol

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Elven64305d ago

Kotick doesn't make games, studios under his company do.

mastiffchild4305d ago

Yeah, Activision would have learned nowt by EA letting Kotick play BF3. He'd have got owned and left. He just won the PR lottery by EA being a bit dim. Like he hasn't got enough cash to obtain a build, "creatively" for his boffins anyway!! He doesn't play games at all so why would he want a go? Think about it for Gods sakes people-it was PR and he won. He doesn't LIKE games and doesn't care if they exist in five years as he'll just leave and go sash and burn another industry. Sheesh.

fluffydelusions4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

Why wouldn't DICE let him play it? Seems somewhat childish. I thought DICE would be above all that. No need to stoop to their level. From what they have been ranting about BF3 since it was announced it should have nothing to worry about. May as well give him a sneak peak of how his precious franchise will die. I dislike this guys actions as much as the next person but just sayin...

Kahvipannu4305d ago

EA denied him, Dice didn't... It's about competition, Sony wouldn't let MS workers to get theyr behind doors presentation, and vice versa. Same thing here, nothing more, nothing less.

Shaman4305d ago

Actually I think that PD played Forza 3 at E3(and vica versa).Even writing some notes on papers...

I think this is a bit childish.Both games are in their late phases so nothing can be changed.No ideas would be stolen,just let the man play the game,however he is,this was a bit childish.

UltimateIdiot9114305d ago

No, it was just a Japanese news press team. It wasn't PD. A bunch of sensationalist articles were misinformed and the misinformation spread like wildfire.

Kahvipannu4305d ago (Edited 4305d ago )

"Actually I think that PD played Forza 3 at E3(and vica versa).Even writing some notes on papers... "

I remember this too, but if I recall right, that did not happen behind closed doors, it was public presentations.. or what Ultimate sayed, if it is true.

Heartnet4305d ago

MS would probz let Sony have a gander at Kinect probably.. lol

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