Wii U Gets Mixed Reactions From Gamers and Experts

SegmentNext - "Investors hate it, developers love it, experts are intrigued, others can't quite see the point of it. There's no single take on Nintendo's new console".

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matey2783d ago

wiiu got amazing views only this website is there mixed views the system is nothing short of EPIC if u cant see this ur bent or such a fan boy u need to grow up and realise ur an adult not a kid this is Power7 cpu running this bitch what sony have officially confirmed going on the ps4 so get a grip bitch

NovusTerminus2783d ago

Tech wise the Wii-U is powerful and I will not deny that.

But in terms of how they showed it off it did not sit with me well, they were very vague. And the controller looks like a TV dinner in terms of shape...

Vicodin2783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

"Tech wise the Wii-U is powerful"

That's not necessarily true. People have jumped at the Power 7 and looked up some theoretical numbers that have nothing to do with the actual Wii U hardware. The Wii U isn't going to have a 4GHz 8 core Power 7 server chip that seems to be the source of people jumping to conclusions.

The actual Power 7 based chip Nintendo will use almost certainly won't be running at 4GHz due to heat and power constraints in the little Wii U box and the number of cores most likely won't be 8. So the actual performance of the chip will most likely be quit a bit less than the PS3 Broadband Engine's 216 Gflops.

Close_Second2783d ago

Whats under the hood does not get me past that damned awful controller.

2783d ago
Millah2783d ago

Judging by investor reactions is a silly thing to do. Investors almost always hate new product announcements, because they typically have unrealistic expectations or they simply worry about cannibalizing products and killing off a current cash cow. They don't like Nintendo effectively killing off their huge cash cow. They could care less about the product, they care about what it means for their pockets.

Some people just have no imagination and instead like to focus on being negative and angry. People who played it at E3 were impressed. The people with mixed reactions all seem to be the ones who aren't at E3 and already hate Nintendo to begin with. Hmm, and the developers sure seem to can't say enough good things about the potential and creativity the controller brings. Yea, I'd say the opinions of the creative figures in the industry outweigh fanboys.

theaceh2782d ago

I wonder what the "creative figures" would be doing if the fanboys never bought the stuff they create. Like it or not, investors are after the fanboys money. Thats why if fanboys say something sucks, then it really sucks.

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Eu2783d ago

The mixed comments are all around the seens that since you can only access here its all about N4G...but its really confusing...Nintendo made a mess of a presentation, get over it. And nothing is confirmed about PS4.....let go of your rage.

DuneBuggy2783d ago

I think the investors dont like it because they killed one of their current cash cows by announcing it too early. That and worries about pricing on it when the EVENTUAL launch date hits.

Theyellowflash302783d ago

Most of the reactions from people who played it where actually positive. There will be 3rd party support for it. Its has HD graphics, Good online, No friend codes, traditional buttons layout, steaming, HDMI out, 25GB disks, 4 USB slots SD slot, everything gamers could want. Plus a strong first party line up. I don't see the problem here.

Close_Second2783d ago

Everything but a good controller. I hate what I have seen so far. Certainly not for kids.

Theyellowflash302783d ago (Edited 2783d ago )

How is not a good controller its just like having a PSVita in your hands or a 3DS. I don't get it.

Close_Second2783d ago

Yeah, and i wouldnt buy multiple vitas to do multiplayer on my PS3. Comparing this to a Vita is like comparing a kindle to an iPad.

Etseix2783d ago

the Wii audience are more kids than adults, same with DSi (or 3DS) and they played it okay because they dont tend to care about online and that stuff, a handle device like teh Wii U certainly does not look like the average console for a kid ( or handheld) i mean, i wouldnt but my kid somethign like this, maybe Nintendo is trying to get back their audiencie by changing the online, btu then again, people who cares about online, and all high tech stuff, is looking at PSV,PS3,X360 right now.

Disccordia2782d ago

I'm pretty open minded about it, but the apparent lack of a hdd and the (possibly only rumoured?) one controller per console thing is a bit of a worry.

Theyellowflash302782d ago

You can buy a external HDD for it for cheap. Or 32 GB SD card. I like the fact that I can upgrade the storage as much as I want. Not be set on what they want to offer me.

SkittlesLikesPopcorn2782d ago

how is it not for kids? Well consider that it has an lcd and that those things arent cheap... You know how kids treat their controllers... Are you willing to replace them if they get cracked?

Thats a big mistake on nintendos part. Nintendo always has been for the younger crowd... i myself grew up with the NES (my first console!).

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mamotte2783d ago

There are mixed reactions: The people who played it at e3 say it's great and had a lot of fun, even if it was just a demo. The people who know nothing about say it's bad. I dont know who should I believe.

DarkBlood2783d ago

probably because when you have people who know nothing about it who not got to try it out are usually left to thier imagination

while it looks good on paper its bad in reality or is it the other way around lol not sure

anyways it sounds like im going to have alot of fun with the wii u i havent really complained about any console good or bad points maybe thats just because im a neutral type

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