Wii U Criticism Causes Nintendo Stock to Drop

GPT: "Many analysts and gamers a like felt that the Wii U's announcement continues the trend of Nintendo using old tech with new controllers. It didn't help Nintendo that news later revealed the fact that games on display for the Wii U actually consisted of PS3 and Xbox 360 footage."

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jonlynch2691d ago

Still no idea what Nintendo was thinking. They're releasing old tech again and hoping for the same luck as the Wii.

vgn242691d ago

Lightning wont strike twice for antiquated hardware.

EYEamNUMBER12691d ago

lol this is the 5th time this same story has been approved

AEtherbane2691d ago

first of all, we don't know the specs, so how can we assume the tech is outdated.
And i HIGHLY doubt AMD is making seven year old chips for this lol.

MostJadedGamer2691d ago

"Lightning wont strike twice for antiquated hardware."

Yeap most people Wii's are in their closets collecting dust they will be very reluctant to buy a Nintendo console again.

jacksonmichael2691d ago

The dev kits still aren't finalized tech. Footage shown was either a tech demo or footage from PS3 or Xbox 360. No specs have been shared. Sh.

TimTebo2691d ago

Regardless. No way it's going to look better than Uncharted on the ps3. An even if it DOES manage to do look better, it'll only look slightly better (which I doubt is even the case).

They are releasing a system that has just CAUGHT up with the current gen. Don't know what they're thinking when Sony, and Microsoft move into the next gen, and absoultly leap frog there tech.

Shaking my head at Nintendos decsion.

What's worse is for current Wii owners though.

You have to wait for a system that doesn't come out till late next year, and yet they neglect to announce any new titles for the wii.


phantomexe2691d ago

@ Tim Tebo ur right but two years about Sony and MS drop there new consuls nintendo will be about to drop a new. What nintendo did is good business and a very smart move. You can slam the disagree call me a fanboy all you want. Read my past comments most of the time i'm playing on the PS3. You are right on one thing tho Sony and MS will drop new consuls but not as soon as you or i would like. Well played nintendo.

Ju2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

While PS3 exclusives still look amazing, they will have nothing on proper done games for Nintendo's new system (well, but I am not sure if this will be enough - sitting there yesterday on my couch playing Socom4 asking myself why I'd need a new system - and I don't have an answer to that, yet).

But matter of fact is, it is a next generation, one above PS3/360. Specs have been sparse, but we know a little about it at least. See IBMs and AMDs press releases. These rumors are most likely true.

For all we know, these "games" could have been run on a PC underneath the table - as has been done so often with prototype hardware. And probably are just an indication what is possible. Heck, the first WiiMote ran on a modified GC. And showing PS3/360 footage of some games and only a tech demo and some Zelda hidden somewhere did not build confidence.

Nintendo managed NOT to announce a new console. Seriously. What was up with that? I didn't even get they have a new console until after the presentation. They were talking about the controller all the time. How can they just skip that. Stupidity.

phantomexe2691d ago

Old tech? Maybe i missed something at there showing. You know what i think, your reaching for something to complain about!

TimTebo2691d ago

All I'm saying is that I doubt it'll better than games like Battlefield 3, or Rage. More than likely it'll look similar to what we currently have with the 360, and the ps3.

That's what I meant by old tech. By the time the ps4, and the xbox720 come out it'll look like old tech.

Plus I'm surprised I got that many disagrees. I mean argue all you want about the old tech statement, but what about the fact that Nintendo is deciding to starve Wii owners from games to play?

They announced NOTHING for the Wii. I get that Wii U is coming next year, and all but what should Wii owners play for the next 12 months?

StanSmith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Totally agree!

First they tried to complain that Nintendo were only focusing on the casuals which Nintendo proved otherwise.
Then they said WiiU wouldn't have Third Party support, which again Nintendo proved otherwise.
Then they said that the showcased games didn't look up to PS3 & 360 quality. Reggie reveals they were 360 & PS3 footage! (this one made me LOL)
Now they are saying it is old tech. Doesn't that make 360 & PS3 old then?!

All i'm seeing is a bunch of people feeling threatened that their current consoles might not be the most powerful/won't have the best multiplatform titles. End of.

I currently own Wii, 360 & PS3 and i'm hyped for WiiU. IMO Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 are up there with Gears and Uncharted as the best games this gen.

phantomexe2691d ago

Ur right Tim the wii itself is going be short on games this comeing year. I'd bet what little 3rd party support it still has left will shift to Wii U delopment. I almost never touch my wii other then to get a VC game but i'd really like to play The Last story. Did you check out that ign blog on there round table last night ubisoft is doing some wild crap with that controler with ghost recon and AC. I love online mutiplayer so i see the up side to the new controler.

Armyntt2691d ago

Not reaching just people saying the way it is. Nintendo was way off on this one. WiiU in 2012, that hardly anyone will rush out to buy. Then a year later after the "U" has been out a year M$/$ony will prolly release their next consoles blasting past the WiiU. So the "U" essentially has a year head start before it looks ridiculous. (Atleast as much as it doesnt already)

Valk2691d ago

Sorry but PS3 launched a year after 360 and it wasnt vastly superior to the 360. Tech does not advance that fast kids. Maybe in fanboy land but not in the real world.

GfxPipeline2691d ago

"Sorry but PS3 launched a year after 360 and it wasnt vastly superior to the 360"


Do we laugh or cry at delusional comments like this?

Five straight years of complete graphical humiliation of the 360 by the PS3.

You're not funny. Just sad.

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JD_Shadow2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Umm...people on the E3 floor have been saying that it's a pretty powerful system and it's 1080p HD! How is that old tech?

@PirateThom: Is there anything better than 1080p at the moment, though? CAN there be anything better? What were you expecting Nintendo to do there: invent a better resolution that no one has ever seen before?

Again, I don't understand how 1080p is "old-tech". It's current tech and it's been out for a while, but until there's something better, then it's not "old tech". Period!

PirateThom2691d ago

Ehh... because PCs and PS3/360 has been able to output 1080p since the beginning of time? No one said every game has to be 1080p.

T-K47x2691d ago

Well the PS3 and 360 have been doing that since 05/06, and the wii has been out since 06 so when 2012 hits the wii will be 5 years behind on having a HD system so that it pretty old tech for a supposedly new system to "revolutionize the industry".

StanSmith2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )


PS3/360 are able to do it but very few games actually do. So really only PCs can output 1080p on all games.

Dark power is spot on the mark. 1080p is the current resolution of TVs. It isn't old tech in the WiiU, it's current tech. If the WiiU is old then Tvs, Bluray players, PS3 & 360 are all old too.

So the Wii has done motion control since 06. Therefore Kinect and Move are old tech too.

JD_Shadow2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

So they do something you've been wanting them to do for some time, and now you bitch because it isn't good enough for you! I have some issues with the WiiU, as well, but I don't understand this argument that 1080p is somehow "old-tech".

And where did they say that they were every revolutionizing the industry from the 1080p thing? I thought they were saying that about the controller, not the resolution it could play games through. I don't understand how this is even an issue for anyone besides trolls and those looking for something to bash.

Again, I have some questions about this new tech myself (so it's not like I've become a fanboy to it or anything), but this isn't one of them. So it took Nintendo some time to come around to it! They have it now, and it's still the highest standard out there! So why complain about it?

@dasteru: 1440p isn't an industry standard yet. Until you can say that, and until it catches on and experts raise the standards (and the tech becomes widely avaliable), then it's not current or viable to be considered worthy to pursue. It might be by the time the system comes out, but that would only be speculation to consider it. DDR3 is the newest type of memory sticks, but DDR2 is still considered to be standard because not many people outside of tech enthusiasts (i.e. those that get crazy with things like watercooling and that) are actually buying it. And plus, say Nintendo makes it a point to include that newest resolution that not many, outside of you (I have never personally heard about it yet until now), know about or have any care to adopt as the industry standard. What would be the price of the system after that? It's a silly argument at best.

Judging from how much you said those TV's are and how you are implying that Nintendo should go out of their way to achieve that resolution, I should start marking where I need to cut that arm and leg of mine to get one before system launch.

And about the rest of the tech, how do you know what's in the system when all we've actually seen is the controller and that tech demo they showed at the conference? How do you know what the specs are yet?

And, again (keep saying this because I know some people can't get through a comment towards me without attacking me), this is not to say I have my questions about the system, like online play and if the controller will be the only controller option I'll have with the system. But I'm not at all concerned about this resolution issue, and I'm not going to question how powerful the system is because I've heard it's pretty damn powerful. I just can't understand how this is even being brought up as a negative.

Sounds more like trolling for the sake of it to me.

Dasteru2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Resolution is only one of many aspects of the hardware, and that is exactly the problem. nintendo is releasing what is suppose to be a "NEXT" gen console while using current gen (6yo) hardware. Upgrading nothing but the resolution over competing current gen consoles. Technically yes it is old tech, and with the wiiU still a year and a half from release. by the time the wiiU comes out, its hardware will be 7.5 years old. Resolution has nothing to do with graphics in general. 1440p also actually already exists, there just aren't any TVs readily available (under about $40k) that can display it yet.

Edit: based on console-hardware trends, in order for the wiiU to be considered current tech, it should have ATLEAST 2GB Ram, a 2.8-3.2ghz 4-core CPU and a geforce 200 series equivalent GPU.

Ju2691d ago

Yeah, but back to reality. There is no way that a PS3 can run KZ3 or UC3 or inFamous2 or BF3 in 1080p. Please, come on, be realistic here.

The WiiU most likely does. Will it matter? I don't think so - not initially. What will matter is, besides the res, having a higher polycount, better textures, better lightning. And this will be visible. And even if it'll run the same, this can be achieved on the WiiU with relative ease, while devs have to squeeze the PS3 quite a bit to get the result we currently have.

The good thing, though, PS3 engines are done. There is just so much you can do. And the results (especially with exclusives) look spectacular.

A lot of games will be available on all consoles. The question will be, is it enough that players actually care about it? I mean, BF3 will look best on a PC...will I get it for the PS? Nope, want it on my PS3 because all my couch gaming is there (and the online community - sorry, Live).

I'd like to see the difference between WiiU and back ports to the PS3/360 when they hit the market. If the PS3 can match up just closely enough, I don't care.

I might still get the WiiU. What pissed me off at the Wii was exactly this old tech argument. Zelda and Metroid Prime in HD could be just enough to get me another console.

Dasteru2691d ago

@darkpower, I never said Nintendo should go out of there way to implement 1440p resolution or even to use it at all. I simply pointed out that it existed, as you're original post said that there was nothing above 1080p and that nintendo would have to "invent" a better resolution. I actually agree, 1440p would be pointless to include in a new console this soon but that doesn't mean there aren't any other ways nintendo should have (but chose not to) improve the systems hardware. They are being cheap as usual. Based on what is known and rumored about the wiiU so far, it probably costs nintendo about $20 to make the system itself, $50 for the controller screen, and they are probably going to charge $300-350 for it when it releases. (which by then it will be even more outdated)

Valk2691d ago

@destaru, Dude no specs have been released. Stop proclaiming it old tech when you know nothing about whats inside the system itself.

Using your arguement any system that ever came out was old tech the day it was released. Maybe you are dumb enough to think that while devs have Wii U now for game development that they some how didnt get the PS3 until it launched around the globe because it was so advanced? Cell was made in 2004 so by the time it was released PS3 already had 2 year old tech. When PS4 and MS Nextbox launch they both will be using hardware that was available for years.

Your arguemnt is invalid for the simple reason there isnt a platform on the planet that the same cannot be said about.

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kingdavid2691d ago

At they very least, they are getting some proper hardcore games and at least trying to branch out from casual games.

farhad2k82691d ago

LOL The Wii U is a joke.
First of all, when I was watching E3, I thought the Wii U was a controller that connects to the Wii. A day later, they claim it's something else?

Secondly, why now? Why not 5 years ago? Why are they jumping on the PS3's level NOW?
Good luck Nintendo, I wouldn't be surprised if they don't go past the PS VITA in specs. LOL

NESpower2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Stocks drop and rise like waves so nothing to conclude from this except being a naysayer. Investors are not always right....LOL.

My bets are this consoles final specs will trump PS3. Mark my words.

JsonHenry2691d ago

They should have released some information about the system itself. Just pushing a controller and not once mentioning the new system or what is in it or even what it is capable of does not show investors that you have confidence in the product you are attempting to sell.

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NyGiants72691d ago

Wii U looks stupid. Was expecting a brand new console, not an upgrade with a new accessory.

VampiricDragon2691d ago (Edited 2691d ago )

Look at all these people who dont know stocks go up and down, and that the controller isnt the system. People are just dying to hate for no reason

""Many analysts and gamers"

Thats just a generalization for impact with no truth.

patcher also loves it. And everyones whose playtested it loves it and was blown away

news4geeks2691d ago

I reckon they'll struggle to get the casuals with this one unless they price it below $300. I know peoples whose mums bought a wii for wii fit, can't see them buying the wiiu.

sikbeta2691d ago

That [email protected] tablet-controller totally goes against the motion-control stuff the wii capitalized all this gen and it also looks pricey, I know I saw the wii-controller in a video, now I want to know if the wii-controller will be packed with the wii-u or it's just compatible...

Knushwood Butt2691d ago

Yeah, and now they have to go on trying to sell the Wii and its motion control, while at the same time trying to get people to buy into the new kit.

StanSmith2691d ago

I dunno. Look how much people spend on Tablets and phones. I think Nintendo are cleverly tapping into the tablet market here too.

news4geeks2691d ago

Tablets and phones are portable though. We'll wait and see but I have my doubts.

2691d ago