E3 2011: F.P.S. Pro Gamepad coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360

Mad Catz Interactive has revealed that they will be releasing the F.P.S. Pro Gamepad is coming to the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Find out the full details and check out the first pictures of the controller.

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theonlylolking2690d ago

Razer Onza> mad catz pro gamepad

FlashXIII2690d ago

Tbh piece of plastic stuck together with thumbtacks > any mad catz gamepad

brianunfried2690d ago

If the PS3 version isn't Bluetooth, forget it. I don't have room for another stupid RF dongle.

talltony2689d ago

Bluetooth or not Madcatz is terrible! This controller looks like that crappy black ops controller I bought and returned last year!

mamotte2690d ago

If it's a FPS gamepad, it isnt pro. A mouse is PRO.

peeps2690d ago

I just want a well made cotnroller in the shape of the 360's for ps3 lol that's it. Any I see available atm are either 'turbo' controllers aka cheat controllers, or poorly made.