Square Enix: FF13 "about the same" on 360 and PS3, 13-2 to sport improvements

Square Enix's Yoshinori Kitase has told RPG Site at E3 2011 that he believers the real-time graphics in Final Fantasy XIII are "about the same" on both versions of the game - but also that Final Fantasy XIII-2 will sport improvements that will help narrow the gap between the two versions.

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AP2714d ago

I reaaally don't think they were that close, even in real-time. But ok. Let's see where this goes.

RedDead2714d ago

They were extremely close at first glance in gameplay, unless you actually zoom in(in which case there is a difference). In cutscene's(both ingame and AMV) the Ps3 was superior by a decent amount.

Dragun6192714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

I think the main difference between the two console versions will remain the the same for FFXIII-2. PS3 version will have uncompressed content and one Blu-ray disc while the Xbox360 version will have compressed content and probably 3 or 4 discs.

Either way though, I'm setting my expectations for FFXIII-2 low so I won't get disappointed again.

djsandman2714d ago

read the article before you comment next time.

TheXgamerLive2714d ago

actually, if you paid attention. the Xbox graphics in some cases were better than the ps3 and often they were the same, but in the cut/video scenes the ps3 was always better due to not having to crunch the video to fit in the limited spaces.

average scores for the gamehad the Xbox 360 with a slight edge over the ps3 version, remember.

with that said the engine was developed for the ps3 only so by now they've improved it's multiplatform development.

limewax2714d ago

Actually the engine was being developed to be multi-plat almost right from the get go, back when it was still called the white engine

MinusTheBear2714d ago

The only thing that the 360 version had was very slightly better AF but that was a result of its sub-HD resolution. The differences between the PS3 and 360 version are very similar to the differences found in RDR.

BubbleSniper2714d ago

the lies are overflowing from SE.

the biggest liars this gen. their Pinocchio nose must circle the world many times over.

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trounbyfire2714d ago

they still want FF to be a 360 title it seems

Sony isn't that far behind in NA anymore and microsoft is moving a way from games yet they still push the 360 version

PandaJenkins2714d ago

Funny thing is you absolutely contradict your point with what you just said. The fact they are close means that there is a potential double or so sales between two platforms rather than one. I do realize FF13 sold more on PS3, but pretty sure I read that a third of the sales outsides Japan were on the 360 which is a fairly large amount.

Aloren2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

Sony is not getting any closer in NA, and FFXIII sold between 1,5 and 2 million on 360... If i were square, I wouldn't ignore 2 million potential sales.

trounbyfire2714d ago

japan numbers alone are more that the combined numbers on 360 in all regions.

i have to say that the NA was close very close actually but EU and japan were not close at all.

Aloren2714d ago (Edited 2714d ago )

And ? Even if it had sold 40 million on PS3, it still sold close to 2 million on 360. You think saint's row 3 or Borderlands 2 shouldn't come to ps3 just cause the previous game sold more on 360 ?

MinusTheBear2714d ago

Hmm... 6m sold on PS3, 1.5m on 360...

meganick2714d ago

So it'll be the same piece of shit game on both systems. That's good to know.

JAMurida2714d ago

lol, that actually made me laugh too.

JD_Shadow2714d ago

Ehhh...I'm hoping your wrong. They seem to talk as if they want to make things right. Sure, this is SE we're talking about (they've had a tendency for talking out of both sides of their mouth this gen), but I'll give this a chance unless they do something really stupid (which won't be difficult for THEM to do, but again...).

And, to be honest, FF13 wasn't that bad of a game. It wasn't what we expected, and the multiplatform business hurt the overall product because things had to be cut to make the two versions equal (the 360 doesn't have as much processing power as the PS3, and disc space was an obvious issue) and it would've been better just to stay exclusive, but all in all, it wasn't as bad as people made it out to be. So hopefully it stays on course here.

garos822714d ago

why dont just quit screwing around square-enix and start getting creative and make something thats actually FUN to play. i havent played a decent game from you guys yet this gen (on ps3- lost odyssey i havent yet played but id like to)

PandaJenkins2714d ago

Lost odyssey wasn't made by SE :P It was made by Mistwalker who the head is the guy who created the original FF games, but no longer makes them.

garos822714d ago

that explains it i guess. maybe square should focus on retaining their talents that made them so succesful in the first place.

thanks for the update

joeyisback2714d ago

o great the graphics will look like ps1 instead of ps2 like ff13

Redempteur2714d ago

if you've played ff13 on PS3 , you'll know tat it has the best graphics on any rpg this gen ...

On a graphic note ff13( ps3 ) is at the top of his game..

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