JupiterResearch Finds HD DVD and Blu-Ray in a Futile Format War

Business Wire reports on October 29:

According to a JupiterResearch report, HD content has little impact on consumer decisions. Only 24 percent of consumers cited content as an incentive to upgrade to HD because standard DVD has a far more extensive library than either HD DVD or Blu-ray.

"The real competitor that both these formats face is not each other, but rather low cost DVD players with up-scaling capabilities that pass the 'good enough' test for most consumers," explained Michael Gartenberg, JupiterResearch Vice President and lead author of the report.

Further complicating the issue is the penetration of broadband and the growth of the market for downloadable video content. "The abundance of material in such a wide variety of formats is going to make adoption of any single standard very difficult," said David Schatsky, President of JupiterResearch.

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cloud360-7th_account4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

Its progressions. This is stupid. Things have to progress, and we have to get away from standard DVD

I hate xbox coz i doesnt allow progression. People buy it, without knowing future games will hold at least 20GB.

socomnick4867d ago

just like the ps3's 256mb of ram limiting the xbox games.

P4KY B4867d ago

Now with modern compression technology I can fit the same movie onto a 700mb CD.

Isn't progress wonderful.

fredy4867d ago

Oh yeah Sony's making Progress alright..."ps3's 256mb of ram" causing havok on devs and multi games.

cloud360-7th_account4867d ago

Jupiter Resrch owned by Toshiba. They know they cant win so they just cliam stanard DVD is the best format. lol

Not really joke

ktchong4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

JupiterResearch is owned by MCG Capital Corp, which is a private equity firm. Look up MCGC.

JasonPC360PS3Wii4867d ago

That's why you have 7 accounts

Zhuk4867d ago

I for one am quite happy with DVD right now. They are ridiculously cheap (I never pay anymore than AU$15 for anything anymore, just have to shop for the bargains) and they hold up great upscaled. Also the fact that I have already spent a considerable amount on a DVD collection expecting that DVD would last at least as long as VHS only to find that they want us to go buy everything again but in 'HD'. I think I will just keep to upscaled DVDs for now until HD DVD and Blu-Ray are more reasonable

Bathyj4867d ago

24% hey.

They try to make that sound like its a bad thing. Not so long ago it was 10% an little while before that 5%.

HD Movies never really arrived in Australia till PS3 did and that was the end of March. Apparently BR was around and little early than that and HDDVD was out near CHristmas but I never saw either.

In 7 short Months BR has done really well here. I have friends who aren't even really techophiles but recently got new TVs. HDTV's are just about all that sell anymore and most people that get one soon find out they want something in HD to watch or play. PS3 and BR are the best option for a lot of these people.

PS. I watched Starship Troopers on BR yesterday. Man that movies made for BR, it was gorgeous, I seriously never noticed so much detail before. All the little bodies swimming out of the cracked star cruiser hulls. Awesome.

Would you like to know more?

JokesOnYou4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

and because of this the general public doesn't see either format as "OMG this is worth upgrading", hell despite what all the PR tactics from both sides, on a HDTV most people with normal vision cannot tell the difference between HD 1080p and DVD 1080p "upscaled" when viewing the same movie on the same TV, if you ran a test and asked 100 people to pick between the two most likely 50% of them would guess/choose the wrong one.


Makroyale4867d ago (Edited 4867d ago )

If you read the article closely, you'll see that he is setting parameters for you to abide by. "if you are viewing it on a 40" screen"...

The reason he didn't mention a 50" screen, that's where the differences becomes apparent.

I have a 60 inch pioneer 6010FD Plasma. I would actually argue that the difference between upscaling SD and HD-DVD/Bluray is a GREATER jump than the difference between VHS to SDVD.

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