Reggie Fils-Aime likes LittleBigPlanet, Halo, BioShock - SF Gate interview

Reggie Fils-Aime met with SF Gate reporters and editors to discuss Nintendo, the status of the gaming industry, short supply of the Wii, and the future of consoles.

SFGate: When you look at what other platforms are doing, is there a game that you say, "I wish we had that game. This might be a very interesting game on the Wii."

Reggie Fils-Aime: I've been very intrigued with LittleBigPlanet (from Sony). I don't know that it belongs on their platform. Microsoft has done well. There are a range of first-person shooter type games that are all very well done that could all do quite well on a Nintendo platform. Certainly, the Halo trilogy - anyone who would look at that and say, "No, I think we could live without it," probably doesn't think real long about this industry. Even games like BioShock. I thought that was tremendously well done. The writing was tremendously clever. I would love to see more of that type of content in the industry overall that actually makes people think a little bit.

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BlackTigea4872d ago

thank god those games are not on the Wii..

BloodySinner4872d ago

Those games can't even run on the Wii.

Silver3604872d ago

MS great content! Sony good content better stuff in the works! Nintendo has Wii sports and Mario after Mario and Smash bros. what is left? What developer is going to stretch themselves on the wii? Where is the incentive when Wii owners don't buy games?

rosko4864872d ago

He doesn't think LBP belongs on the PS3 platform...that makes absolutely zero sense.

texism4872d ago

Actually it does.

Think of it like this: A Gears Of War-like game on a Nintendo console (assuming it is powerful enough). See what he means? It doesn't seem to "fit" the motif of the console...

Jandre024872d ago

The PS3 is the all in one console. It just doesnt have the games yet to define what type of console it is. The PS3 is the Wii and the 360 combined (not saying power-wise or anything like that fanboys, calm down.) It covers the entire spectrum of games.

Thats PR talk. Trying to define which games should and shouldnt be played on another console. I guess Sony and Microsoft were the ones who did it first (saying the Wii isnt for hardcore gamers, just casual gamers.)
But the Playstation has been doing everything from casual to hardcore from the get go.

mighty_douche4872d ago

im confused by his LBP remark, sony DO own the right to that game, their producing it arent they?

oh well, still its always nice to see some one give props to a competitor for a job well done!

ChickeyCantor4872d ago

its more like he thinks its more for a different audience then the one of the PS3.

mighty_douche4872d ago

ah i see what you mean, and your probably right.

but isnt that the whole idea of this game? to demonstrate to people that the ps3 offers more than simply hardcore titles.

ChickeyCantor4872d ago

maybe it does maybe it doesnt,
Because if they dont promote it right its still going to be overlooked.

plus I remember an article where it said that Nintendo was a bit late on buying the company who made LBP.
its not like he is bashing the game, he just thinks it for a different audience.

Itachi4872d ago

Sony has a broad audience from kids to adults

so reggies comments has no merit

just because Nintendo cater to a younger audience

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predator4872d ago

aint he the one who bashed halo 3, and no hes sayin that

texism4872d ago

He has never bashed Halo. He said Halo won't move consoles because people that buy Halo already bough an Xbox. That is not bashing.

PS360WII4872d ago

As Sidar said he thinks LBP isn't really marketed towards the PS3 format. Much like Viva for 360. Unless marketed right it'll just be swept under the rug. Plus he's saying he likes it so he's not bashing it. Those games would not be ruined on the Wii contrary to what the first posters believes. The only way a game can be ruined is if it doesn't come out at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.