Why is the Wii a Runaway Success?

Did it ever occur to you? With half the processing power and not even near the graphics quality of the two HD-powerhouses, Xbox 360 and PS3, how did the Wii become such a tremendous success? It isn't exactly next-generation so why does it keep outselling the PS3 and the Xbox 360? A blog article nails down the topic once and for all.

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Zhuk4872d ago

a 'next-gen' console at mass market price with a recognized brand name that is popular amongst kids, combined with its white ceramic looks and 'innovative' controller Nintendo were able to get things right and beat the other two consoles to the spot where mass market adoption starts.

My only worry is that the next generation will copy Nintendo's formula and only offer a minimal technological improvement over the previous generation, that would be very disappointing

MK_Red4872d ago

Well spoken and true.

But I honestly can't find anything next-gen or innovative in Wii aside from stepping backwards technically compared to usual way of console evolution.

KeiZka4872d ago

One could argue that N64 and it's analog controller was a "sidestep" as well... But a step backwards? Even a slight upgrade is an upgrade. Who said that the hardware has to be made all over again, if one can get sufficient power out of it? It also did upgrade graphics, even though in a minuscular way someone might say.

Meh, maybe I'll just shut up this one time.

Sam Fisher4872d ago

but the fact is nintendo sux point blank... i dont care if u disagree or even agree the fact is that the WUU will die mario party can go to hell and ganondorth .... well he can live hes cool but every1 must die in the WUU.... the only game i would get would be umbrella chronicles and that rock star game (i 4got the name) but other than that, WUU can not live!!!!

ItsDubC4872d ago

"but the fact is nintendo sux"

Sorry, had to laugh at that. Worst attempt at trying to pass an opinion off as fact.

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Noodlecup4872d ago

I have a PS3 (had a 360 but sold it) and I've played on the Wii, out of all 3 consoles the Wii is more of a games console than all of the others. What people fail to realize is that the 360 and PS3 (to some extent) are just becoming cheap PCs, shooters are the only games which score high despite most of them being totally void of innovation and creativity.

On the Wii you get to play games similar to the ones you used to play on the SNES, Genesis/Megadrive etc, I have a beastly gaming PC and sure I'll be enjoying crysis and CoD4 when they're out on that but when I sit down on the sofa I don't want to be playing a tacky version of what I can already play on my PC.

I want some GAMES to play which actually implement the controller properly, if you're gonna make shooters release a mouse and keyboard and stop scoring them so ridiculously high when they took no brain power to actually design unlike some of the great games which get knocked by the so-called "hardcore" gamers.

Nicosia4872d ago

The wii tapped to something other consoles could not get in too, a larger demografic. Games have changed a lot since the old days, people miss those ''pick up and play'' games. While every generation there has always been about upgrading the grafics, the wii kinda goes the easy way out.

Also the games out are very simple kinda games witch you can play with anyone. Thats the smart thing about it, anyone can do it. This means grannies,granpas,uncles ect can play along.

While this is a healty evolution, i can't understand people (read ''hardcore'') hating on it. They more people get into gaming the more they explore whats out there on the market. Hardcore games will never die, but they will always be made for the hardcore people.

alaaji4872d ago

I still remember when I was little and I got my 1st gaming console (Atari 2600). The controller was a joystick with a button. It was easy to pick up and use. My parents used to turn it on after I and my brothers went to bed and play Ms. Pacman. The Wii has brought that same simplicity back to the masses so that anyone can pick it up and play without much instruction. Although this doesn't apply to the more serious games which take a bit more effort to learn.

Ashta4872d ago

What's really funny is that the Wii is really a runaway success in one departmant, and that department happens to only be hardware.

The most purchased games going for the Wii is actually the same old song and dance for every other Nintendo console since the SNES. First. Party. Titles.

That's it. 3rd party titles lose out on the Wii and I think that's why Reggie makes those claims that he wants flagship titles that belong on other consoles on his own. The casual gamers that have gobbled up the Wii just aren't buying any of the software except for the Wii Sports and Wii play and that fact is actually hurting them, but just not in a way that people are able to see just yet.

Sure, developers could probably devote the time to making a bunch of casual games to keep people entertained for a while, but the fact of the matter is you will not see games like Resistance, Bioshock, Halo, little Big Planet, Devil May Cry, Dead Rising, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Haze, Assassin's Creed, etc etc etc.....on the Wii console. Ever.

So, congratulations Nintendo for tapping in to a demographic of people who previously had never played video games. Perhaps their gaming revolution will persuade people to join in to the more "hardcore" aspects of gaming, but if they do? It will just be Microsoft's and Sony's gain in the end.

ChickeyCantor4872d ago

you sure?
Suda51 is working on games for the Wii
Square enix is working on a different FF
heck even MEtroid 3 got compared too bioshock( which doesn't make sense)
so on and on.

because the games you mentioned have shiny GFX or whatnot doesn't mean we only get sodoku, your statement has been debunked many times.
there is more on the Wii then simple puzzle games or whatever.

Ashta4872d ago

I agree with you in theory!

However true at the moment that people are developing certain games for the Wii (Monster Hunter 3 for example) it doesn't mean that software sales are anywhere near where they should be.

Metroid Prime 3 (supposedly THE action game to buy for the Wii) has only sold over 460,000 units in America after 8 long weeks. Bioshock hit 500,000 in a single week. In the top fifty sales last week for America? Only 8 of them were Wii titles. What games were they? MySims, Wii Play, Wii Sports, Bleach, Metroid, Dance Dance Revolution, Carnival Games, Mario Party 8.

TWO of those 8 games were the only ones that fell in to catagory of "not a mini game". The 360 and PS2 sales continue to dominate with their very impressive attach rates (the PS2 moreso considering it is 7 years old.)

Well, lets look at the Wii homeland (Japan) and see how it's software is doing: Only 6 titles in the top 50. The top two of those? Wii Sports and Wii Play with Sparkling Meteor quite farther down the list.

The Wii can move some hardware and it is the fastest selling console pretty much -ever- right now, but the fact of the matter is that the software isn't being bought. Maybe Mario Galaxy and Smash Brothers will change all that, but as for right now (as Famitsu said) all those Wii's are "gathering dust"

alaaji4872d ago

I just don't think Nintendo is too worried about attach rates at the moment. It may be that casual gamers don't purchase as many games hence the low attach rate but that doesn't mean that they won't purchase more in the future. I have 6 Wii games and I plan on purchasing 3/4 more soon. Of those games that I have and want (10 total) 4 of them are 3rd party games.

ChickeyCantor4872d ago


this is contradicting to your bioschock vs metroid 3 sales.

john_doe4872d ago

Third party games that came out of my mind quickly... zack and wick.. getting great reviews in the average of 90. no more heroes, looks very promising from the developers of killer 7. Battalion wars 2. Medal of honor heroes 2 with 32 player online...and i can tell you 4 o 5 more games from third partys that i think will be great.

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ChickeyCantor4872d ago

" how did the Wii become such a tremendous success?"

Marketing, the path to succes.

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