Square Enix: Red Dead Redemption an influence on Final Fantasy XIII-2

Final Fantasy XIII-2 Producer and Director Motomu Toriyama has revealed that Rockstar's blockbuster open-world cowboy title Red Dead Redemption has been an inspiration to the development team behind the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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AP2690d ago

Riding a Chocobo like riding a horse - if Chocobo riding feels as good as horses in Red Dead in FF13-2, I'll want to do a lot more of it..

nickjkl2690d ago

hope you call them too having to walk to a chocobo was one of my major gripes since they are so spaced out

which made me only use them to acess places i cant reach by foot

also hope they remove the cutscene animation for when getting on and off a chocobo

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milohighclub2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Maybe more open and not as linear as ff13

RedDead2690d ago

....atleast their inspiration isn't Cod this time..still though, should be influenced by Rpg's not shooters.

AP2690d ago

Red Dead is at least kinda RPG-ish

InfiniteJustice2690d ago

Hopefully this means one of the main characters gets destroyed at the end of the game.

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