E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Developer Interview [RPG Site]

Kitase and Toriyama speak to RPG Site about the Xbox 360 version's differences, why HD towns aren't so much hard as boring, how Red Dead Redemption is an influence and why FF13-2 exists at all in this E3 2011 interview.

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AP2692d ago

The HD towns thing makes me laugh hard. Man.

nickjkl2692d ago

im kinda getting annoyed by being the only thing talked about

AP2692d ago

I think it was a big point of contention in the first game. It sounds like they're doing the right thing now; even if they don't have traditional towns, they have characters to properly speak to unlike FF13.

Troll-without-Bridge2692d ago

They simply stated that the AI of town NPC's will be better, unlike the ps1 town era. Whats to laugh about that? Its a good thing.

WitWolfy2692d ago

The question is,, Will the story still be as boring as the original FF13. Lets be realistic, if the game was more story driven, then at least make it something worth watching.

When the time comes we'll see what the reviews have to say about this game.

Mottsy2692d ago

my concern is the monster thing and how that will work. it sounds alot like pokemon and i mean i think he even said there is 150 monsters to collect. is this there new way of summoning monsters or are those going to be in there as well?? hurry up TGS!

Ddouble2692d ago

I don't think it would replace summons. My guess is that there may be some time in the game where the only characters you will have are Noel and Serah so you probably would use that move to have a monster fight for you to make it a party of 3 till you get lightning or someone else.