Nintendo Wii U Screen Resolution Revealed (WVGA)

Golgotron says, "So this is what we found after staring at some hi-res photos and manually counting individual pixels – by our estimation, the screen on the Wii U tablet is about 870 pixels wide. However, that doesn’t jive with any standard screen resolutions and it certainly doesn’t match any LCDs commonly in production. 854, though… now that’s a winner. 854 x 480 (WVGA) is a very common widescreen resolution, and it’s within 2% of our not-scientific-enough measurement. Unless Nintendo changes things for the final units, we’re confident the Nintendo U tablet resolution is WVGA."

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trounbyfire2742d ago

Told you so but i hope that zelda is more than a tech demo

DarkCharizard_2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It's higher resolution that the Wii's output. And that's a great thing. The visuals of Wii U definitely surpass the PS3 and it is probably capable of crysis 2 at 60fps so I wouldn't worry too much about the graphics... Besides, a 1080p screen might cost us


Anyway I look forward to using my inventory, maps etc on the screen, while playing the game in 1080p on my TV ;)

trounbyfire2742d ago

NO the wiiu controller is SD not the system. the system is able to do 1080p but that doesn't mean games will be in 1080p. just like the 360 and ps3 can do 1080p but don't.

i haven't seen it able to beat ps3 or 360 since they used ps3 and 360 gameplay footage but who cares the 720 and ps4 will be out 2 years later anyway.

DarkCharizard_2741d ago

Ya, I know what I'm talking about man. I saw the show too.. If you READ then maybe you can write a better reply.

And just FYI, the screen resolution has nothing to do with the PS4 or the next Xbox. I don't know what ur getting at and I don't care.

ps921172741d ago

>The visuals of Wii U definitely surpass the PS3 and it is probably capable of crysis 2 at 60fps so I wouldn't worry too much about the graphics...

Stop right there mofo

Fuck no

I won't have some fucking WII [email protected]# tell me their gimick/toy is graphic powerhouse.

If you think the Zelda tech demo was impressive is because you only played WII.

limewax2741d ago

So a WiiU can run Crysis 2 at 60 FPS when even some of the highest end rigs chug on it at times.....Fanboy much. By your logic the PS3's tech demo of FF7 still means it destroys wii u anyway, The tech demo looked awful

fatstarr2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )


you stop right there.
if you knew anything about anything you would know that what nintendo was doing in that zelda tech demo was incredible shaders and lighting.

why wouldnt the next gen system happen to be a powerhouse. I have a pc thats specs surpass that of a ps3+360 put together and i know countless others that have killer pcs as well.
ive seen games on 25xx resolution running smooth frames. the ps3 would overheat and burn had it have to do that.

the wiiu can probably run crysis 2 at 20-50fps on max settings at 14xx resolution

Arnon2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

You're seriously an idiot if you believe any of the current gen consoles are pumping something out like that tech demo. That was absolutely mind-blowing.

Uncharted 3 looks good. But it's not going to look anywhere near as good as that tech demo.

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Ricdog2741d ago

Like i mentioned before, the funny thing about all this is that Nintendo does have a history of producing powerful systems. I think the wii has made people forget that Nintendo is not a newbie in pushing graphics.

The Gamecube was a very powerful system that outmatched the ps2 easily. And the SNES was just as equally impressive in graphics.

Even the N64 was no weak link, except that Nintendo failed to come to an agreement to include CDs in it. If the N64 had CDs its almost certain that it would have overpowered the ps1 aswell.

Shok2741d ago

Shoot, anything to keep the price down lol.

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badkolo2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

its a wii on steriods that obviously will have better gfx then current games since its newer tech, its a wii on steriods with a totaly new controller with a huge screen that does things smoother, faster and easier then what the psvita and a ps3/tv can do, not saying its better but that it looks nintendo has made it clear the ease of how you use it and go back and fourth from controller to screen will be easy.

But to top it all off, its a wii on steriods with hardcore games and mutliplat games of all kinds.

so I dont see your issue with it, its a system for kids, teens , adults and NOW hardcore.

why wouldnt you be happy.

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