ENCHANTED ARMS : Does the first Japanese RPG to grace 360 deliver?

Faithful Xbox and Xbox 360 owners have had to endure some hard times while waiting for quality RPGs to arrive. Sure, there have been some real gems, but the overall quantity of solid role-playing games hasn't quite kept up with the competition. With the release of Enchanted Arms, Xbox 360 owners now have access to the first next-gen traditional RPG. We're not looking at another Metal Dungeon either. Enchanted Arms is a game that does many things quite well and is definitely worth playing if you're one of those aching for that old-school RPG flavor that was missing from Oblivion. A few nagging annoyances keep Enchanted Arms from reaching the upper echelon of role-playing experiences, but they aren't enough to steer away anybody looking for some turn-based action.

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HaHa5880d ago

no it doesn't such a shame

The Snake5880d ago

How do you know? Have you played it? Or are you just speculating out of your a$$ like you usually do?

Captain Tuttle5880d ago

I just can't get into the Japanese gaming scene. They don't do a thing for me.

omansteveo5880d ago

No a great review but i was expecting alot worse, especialy from IGN

The Real Deal5880d ago

I got the game. I like the game. It got a "Good" review from IGN. IGN has been harsh on 360 games as of recent. But if turn based pretty graphic RPG's is what you like. Its worth the 60 dollars. Online is cool too. I agree with IGN on this one. Its "Good"...Not Great. But I can see Japanese RPG fanatics loving it. The graphics scream next gen in many areas.

OutLaw5880d ago

Picked up the game yesterday and I feel anybody who love japanese RPG should get this one, It's a good game. I definitely will get into it when I finish with Saints Row or feel like giving Saints Row a break.

Sexius Maximus5880d ago

I put close 7 hours into it yesterday. My opinion....It's a game FULL of RPG cliches, yet it pulls them all off really well. I got tired of the final fantasy series after 9, so this to me is a welcome change. However, I would guess that I'm enjoying it more than most would.

the_bebop5880d ago

Each Final Fantasy Game is different, you should at least take a good look at FFXII, FFXIII and FF Versus XIII. But if you still dont want to get those games then no big deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.