Original Halo maps will be Reach DLC

OXM UK: "343 Industries will be releasing the updated multiplayer maps from the Anniversary remake of Halo: Combat Evolved for use in Halo Reach, we were told today."

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SpartanZero2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Sweet nobody around me wants to play multiplayer with me like the Halo 3 days cause they're scared of me but these maps looks like it will change their minds

FlashXIII2690d ago

That's probably because Reach changed too much and that a lot of Halo fans find it boring :P

Release CE mp already not some dumbass map pack! Not to say they can't release a map pack but this is a huge slap in the face for those of us who either grew up adoring CE or hear from all the hardcore fans how it was the best and want to experience it over xbl for ourselves.

MrChow6662689d ago

I hope this doesnt mean that if you already own reach and buy anniversary you have to buy the maps separately for reach, what a scam that would be

betrayed gamer2689d ago

it's probably all maps on one disc like odst

MasterD9192689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The maps will ship with the game...Thats what they've said already. If you own Reach and don't want to buy the anniversary edition - then the maps will be available for DLC. So you don't have to own Reach to play the maps.

I'm really happy because IMO Reach was missing the Halo maps that made the Halo series great. A lot of people I think didn't like Reach based on the maps they were playing on. Well these maps look to be the best from the series so we shouldn't hear any complaining about that now. This is really great news for Halo fans besides the fact that Halo 4 will be out next year ;)