Q&A: Richard Garriott's Tabula Rasa

The expectations around Tabula Rasa are understandably high. Richard Garriott is a forefather of the MMO movement, being creator of Ultima and the subsequent Ultima Online. The sci-fi MMO Tabula Rasa is his latest work, coming out of the NCsoft Austin studio, where he is executive producer. Here, Next-Gen speaks with Garriott about his latest work and more general design challenges in MMOs.

Next-Gen: Why should people care about Tabula Rasa, beyond the standard bullet points?

Richard Garriott: At least one reason is the team. This is the team that has regularly provided some real milestones. We were right there at the start of RPGs and MMOs, we brought in the ethical parables and now with Tabula Rasa were hoping to make a lasting impact again. Tabula Rasa is really different to other MMOs. In a decade of refinement I really hope that people will take a look at Tabula Rasa and at least see that it is something new.

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