Exclusive Preview of Halo: Anniversary from E3 2011 [MovieStinger]

MovieStinger: "Our second day at E3 was an eventful one rife with exclusive sessions and hands-on coverage. One of the sessions that MovieStinger got access to in a private Microsoft room above the showroom floor was a special presentation behind closed doors led by 343 Industries’ Franchise Development Director, Frank O’Connor, and Executive Producer, Dan Ayoub. Microsoft Game Studios’ internal developers, in charge of all upcoming Halo projects, focused their presentation on revealing additional details on this fall’s Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary."

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EVILDEAD3602686d ago

Halo: CE co-op WITHOUT Splitscreen = Heaven. Can't wait for this is good

Thrillhouse2686d ago

So disappointed that there's no true original multiplayer. The biggest addition to the original would have been online multiplayer, a thing people have been asking for since the inception of Xbox Live.

I hope an online-enabled CE multiplayer is made in the next few years.

nilamo2686d ago

NO the charm of HALO CE is splitscreen multiplayer and LAN parties and that's how it should stay. Besides it wouldn't make sense for them to split the community that early after the release of a main halo game (Reach, which is absolutely brilliant online), releasing 7 CE maps for reach was the best thing they could have done here.

Thrillhouse2686d ago (Edited 2686d ago )

The charm of CE to me was the precise balance and flow of the multiplayer gameplay and core game mechanics, something which cannot be emulated on Reach through simple gametype editing.

The remake could still have splitscreen and LAN support, but if people can't organise that, then online would be the next best thing.

If they don't want the community to be broken up, then they should focus on making games that will keep people playing them. I hope they achieve this with H4.

And remember, this is coming from someone who has played every Halo FPS (including H1 PC and H2 Vista). I love the games, but think they could be much better.