SEGA confirms Sonic Generation demo

SEGAbits: "You know you all want to play Sonic Generations and now its confirmed that there will be a demo. Today at Sonic Boom fan event, Takashi Iizuka confirmed the demo."

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lochdoun2689d ago

This is pretty much the current gen Sonic game that I've always wanted them to make.

It's about damn time.

Jack-Dangerously2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

The "City Escape" footage I saw gave me a wave of nostalgia. I am looking forward to finding out if they are putting in more Adventure 2 levels in it. Hopefully White Jungle, or Crazy Gadget.

OT: Looking forward to the demo.

RockmanII72689d ago

I disagree, as much as I love Adventure 2 I want them to spread the love throughout the games. I want to see all sorts of levels from all sorts of games instead of focusing on a few games.

BlackHulk2689d ago

"city escape"!! I have to see this footage

SilentNegotiator2689d ago

So long as the first half of the game isn't recycled levels, they don't have a stupid auto-attack move, and they actually have the speed physics.

Redempteur2689d ago

the only thing i'm worried about this game is the stage selection it would have been great if there would have been at least one or 2 levels from sonic 3/ & knucles annonced

RockmanII72689d ago

There are only two levels announced, give it some time. Sonic 3 and Knuckles is on of the (if not the) most liked Sonic game ever. I'm sure it's going to get at least A level.