Rely on Horror Preview: AMY aims to bring true survival horror to XBLA and PSN this September

Rely on Horror writes: "Lexis Numerique’s upcoming survival horror title AMY aims to bring back that which has been missing from survival horror titles as of late: true horror. Whereas some big name horror franchises are drifting towards action-packed experiences, this downloadable title is taking a very traditional survival horror approach. AMY isn’t about making you feel overpowered when taking on hordes of monstrosities, nor is it about putting you in setpiece after setpiece, instead, it’s all about surviving the horrors that have consumed the once peaceful town of Silver City. Today I got a chance to sit down with a representative from Lexis to get a better look at the game and here are my thoughts."

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Son_Lee2779d ago

About damn time we get some survival horror!

DarkBlood2779d ago

so it is coming to xbox live well thats good still wont stop me from getting the game for my ps3 meed more survival horror games anyways lol

banjadude2779d ago

Can never have enough survival horror games :)

hazelamy2779d ago

so it's on live as well now, that explains why they delayed it for months even though the downtime they said was the reason was over before they were due to launch anyway.

it's not that they're releasing it that annoys me, that's a good thing, if the game's good it deserves to get the biggest audience it can, what bothers me is they seem to be delaying the ps3 version because of it and lying about the reason for the delay.