PSVita title 'Ruin' connects to PS3 for continuous client gameplay, we give it a swing (video)

Engadget: "Cross-platform gaming is a wonderful idea, but Sony's showing off something even more impressive at E3 this year -- a game that you can starting playing on either PS3 or the PlayStation Vita handheld and immediately transfer to another console."

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Nitrowolf22687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

WOW this is a lot better then i thought it would be. I was just expecting pretty much you save the game, quite, transfer save, the load on Vita but wow all it takes is a simple save on PS3 then load on Vita without even exiting the game.


Yeah, can't wait for Vita now. Cloud saving just got a lot better.

ethan2687d ago

That really is amazing isn't it? I am so hyped for the PS Vita to come out!

aCasualGamer2687d ago

This is EXACTLY like WiiU. This is f***ng awesome!

Here comes Nintendo and releases a new console with the main attraction being the social connection between the console and controller. Ironically, Sony inadvertently showed the exact same aspect but between PS3 (more powerful then WiiU according to game journalists who saw Wiiu) and PSV (better screen than WiiU controller, better games and TRUE dual analogue not some flat piece of plastic like the old PSP).

Did Sony just own Nintendo before Nintendo even announced their new "nextgen" console?

Imagine... Playing a future Resident Evil title with co-op function on your PS3 in the livingroom, and your brother is sitting right by your side with PSV in his hands. You're both playing together via wifi, then he has to go to bathroom. But he just brings PSV with him and the game still continues on. So as he is taking a s**t, you're playing against a boss or solving puzzles.

Another scenario. Right before work, you're playing a level in ruin. Then times up, but instead of quitting the game. Just save it, take your PSV with you and when you're commuting through an hour train ride you're continuing where you left off.


Nitrowolf22687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

I think it'll all come down to pricing.

Total for PS3 and PS Vita cheapest Model- $549
Nintendo can release the console Wii U at a cheaper price maybe.
This is of course for new buyers but there already plenty of PS3 out there.
Then you gots games, unless PS3 version comes with a free PSVita version, then we are looking at $100 total when it comes to games.

I hope Sony does something like that where you buy the PS3 version you get a Free Download version of the PS Vita version. Blu-ray movies are now including a digital copy which is cool.

Price is gonna play a major factor here.

But the thing that PS Vita has over Wii U is the fact it can be played ANYWHERE.

aCasualGamer2687d ago

Yeah i agree with you there. The price of the WiiU console will determine whether or not it outshines PS3 + PSVita.

But the thing is, PS3 owners will want to buy a PSVita instead. The OLED screen and the highend processor in the device will make PS3 owners feel more comfortable purchasing a handheld that can be used as an extended PS3. With PSP it wasn't possible, but with PSVita and it's new true analogue feature, it will be.

Sony would win alot of customers over if they had a PS3 + PSVita bundle for say 449$. It's a smarter strategy for them aswell. They insure that the customers get two of their systems.

"PS3 owners who purchase Assassins Creed 3 for PS3 will get the PSVita version 50% off"

Could really see that happening.

Canas20102687d ago

CAN NOT WAIT for this to drop.

TheCampfireSong2687d ago

This will be a high selling point for the vita.

GoldPS32687d ago ShowReplies(2)
stuntman_mike2687d ago

the screen on PSV looks awesome.

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