E3 2011: New Silent Hill HD Details

Since the announcement Konami did on the Silent Hill HD collection just a couple of weeks ago, little information was revealed until today’s press interview behind closed doors.

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ShadyDevil2687d ago

Never played them so I am looking forward to the HD collection.

jbl3162687d ago

Same here. Haven't played any Silent Hill game ever. I think getting the HD collection will be a good start for me. I've heard great things about them.

n4gisatroll2687d ago

except Silent Hill, the first one, isn't in the collection, which makes no sense at all!

NarooN2687d ago

It's pointless to play SH3 before SH1, since SH3 is a direct sequel to SH1 and much of the story will be ruined. Might as well download and beat SH1 from the PS Store.

BubbleSniper2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )


I'm almost convinced people don't care about original material any more.

PirateThom2687d ago

I think we've reached the point in this gen where people are just bored of shooters and multiplayer and, while there are a few games that stand out, going backwards is the only way to appease the "single player" bug.

BubbleSniper2687d ago

I don't care what they do to the game, but the voice actors are an integral part of both those games.

I've talked to Guy Cihi before about his work in SH2. I wonder what he'll have to say about this.

floetry1012687d ago

I'm all for deserved HD enhancement, but I'm not sure I like them changing some of the voice acting.

jc485732687d ago

where you hear about that? I'm glad they didn't mixed this with the recent Silent Hill games as most companies would normally do. I will buy it just for the hell of it just because no other Silent Hill game is better than 1-3. If you guys want a good Silent Hill game, just play 1-3.

n4gisatroll2687d ago

Its only 2-3, which is dumb!!!!!!

Son_Lee2687d ago

At least you get the best titles in the franchise, since the original is already on PSN as a Classic. Seems dumb not to include The Room. Even if many fans don't like it, they surely had the space available on the Blu-Ray for it. I only played The Room for a couple hours, but loved what I played. As I no longer have a PS2 or anything, I would love to play that one.

But nothing will be greater than finally playing Silent Hill 2 in HD!

Alos882687d ago

I wish The Room was on there.

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