Sony and Microsoft Playing Follow The Leader As Nintendo Innovates, Moves On

This generation it was Nintendo's Wii that took the world by storm and after their E3 2011 conference, Nintendo is looking to repeat that success. This time it's the WiiU a next gen console with a innovative touch screen controller with amazing features. The new console/controller was unveiled at E3 and is set to launch in 2012. First it was the Wii, now it's the WiiU that has Sony, Microsoft, and insecure fanboys around the globe nervous in the service.

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Shok4374d ago

Oh God. Incoming shit-storm lol.

*Takes cover*

zootang4373d ago

3D and Blu Ray, say hello!!

Series_IIa4373d ago

Blu Ray isn't innovation though, its progression.

Plus I don't see any innovation with the Wii U, it's claiming to have current gen graphics for a next gen system, it has a massive screen on the controller, just like a iPad and other tablets. The Wii U is just a Nintendo DS XXXXXL, 2 screens and still behind the competition, when it comes to games and tech.

captain-obvious4373d ago

Nintendo did innovate SOME things in video gaming but not all

SSKILLZ4373d ago

About time nintendo caught up , but when the ps4 comes out its over.

sporteous1212124373d ago

Basically it is just a further iteration of the DS into a home console. It uses technology that has been around for a few years now and they call it innovative?

GFahim4373d ago

yeh but when the next nintendo console comes out after ps4, then it will be over too.

see, i can say the same thing too. bruv, u cant just think like that.

AngryTypingGuy4373d ago

I'm not going to bother listing things because I don't need to. Anyone who follows the industry can list how all 3 companies have innovated, and how all 3 have borrowed ideas off of each other.

Information Minister4373d ago

This entire "article" seems to be written in an extremely biased and unprofessional way. A fanboy calling out fanboys?

Nevertheless, I understand the author's logic: Nintendo introduced motion controls to the market (although even that is open to debate), with Sony and Microsoft following the "leader" a few years later. But if that's how we measure innovation, then we'll have to acknowledge that Sony and Microsoft also innovated by bringing HD systems to the market and are now being followed by Nintendo.

room4144373d ago

@Information Minister

The wii mote/Move like motion controls we're seeing this generation were most definitely NOT introduced by nintendo .

They were introduced by XAVIX a full 2 years before the release of the wii.

blackbeld4373d ago

Wii U controller is nothing special at all.

I can use my PSP as a controller for my PS3 already.

Wii innovates? I doubt it.

AngryTypingGuy4373d ago

I wouldn't say that. I think using the Wii U controller as a virtual tee while you stand with a Wii controller, aim for the golf ball on the controller screen,and watch it fly onto your TV screen seems innovative.

I hate to break it to you guys, but Sony doesn't invent everything. They definitely innovate a lot, but not every unique idea comes through them.

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chrisgay4373d ago


3D and Blu Ray are what's wrong with the film industry and they WILL harm the video game industry in the long run.
Apocalypse Now, Taxi Driver, 2001- all of which weren't released in 3D or on Blu Ray, but just look at the films that have been. It is all about spectacle: more pixels, more CGI, more gimmicks. This is the direction video games are headed in, developers love it because its easy.
Don't be fooled.

Oxymoron0284373d ago

I disagree'd. Why? Because the Film industry hit the shit pan waaaaay before 3D in movies became popular.

barb_wire4373d ago

@ chrisgay

3D has been around since the 1950's. Thought you might like to know.

chrisgay4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

My point still stands 100%- if the film industry had hit the shit pan, 3D and Blu Ray ain't going to make it any better. Good films, however, could do.

Same applies to games- CoD getting stale? Release MW4 in 3D and watch everyone go nuts, let them make use of Blu Ray's capacity, those improved textures will get the series back on track... The way things are heading, this isn't an unreasonable analogy.

Using the Blu Ray's capacity to create something that is genuinely great (eg. Metal Gear Solid 4) is fantastic. It can be used to support design to awesome effect, but offering it as a competitor to design or some form of innovation is asking very little of developers.

3D cheapens everything on the other hand, it isn't innovation and doesn't improve anything. It is tacky and needs to die- quick.

All opinion, obviously and I appreciate that people are free to enjoy 3D as they see fit, but for the sake of games and films, I think it is best left out of the picture.

EDIT: Also I'd like to add that Sony and Microsoft don't actually need to innovate. They simply need to provide a robust platform. Let the game developers do the innovating. Nintendo on the other hand are the only developers worth considering for their platforms- let them innovate as they please...

TBM4373d ago

I don't want them following (in the case of M$ its already too late :( if the extreme casual route taking)

Sony you keep using whatever tech you think is best for systems, and releasing games, and M$ you just idk what the hell you're doing but please stop with the casual crap.

pain777pas4373d ago

Look, they had to get up to the HD generation because they were missing out on great software experiences for their customers. Lets get everything into perspective. 1080p was a Sony push from what I remember. However, Sony and Microsoft went for the motion controls after Nintendo and now Nintedo is going for their spot in the market.

young juice4373d ago

who says we need to move on? if you ask me we need to take a step backwards.

but all in allim still looking forward to wiiu lol

xCaptainAmazing4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

I was watching GameTrailers, and after the Nintendo conference they had that Pachter fellow on (I know some people hate him, but he's actually a cool dude if you watch him more than once) and he said he asked MS how they felt about it and they said "Are you kidding? We want to implement touch in all of our devices."

This completely holds true with how they are designing Windows 8, Windows Phone 7, etc. I would not be surprised at all to see them match Nintendo in some way next time around as that is their overall goal to begin with. It's too early to tell yet, but it's possible that Nintendo has started something again.

There has been a lot of discussion whether or not this Vita device could achieve something similar. I don't doubt it could, but the approach is unarguably different. With Nintendo, this is going to be a mandatory experience across their software, with it being the core controlling experience. Sony will more than likely take the "optional" route (if they feel the idea is worthy), which like the Move will kind of result in a "meh" outcome. I think Sony will do something different altogether, but I do see MS doing something more core.

iforgotmylogin4373d ago

ok im really tired of innovation bs people say.

if its not so innovative why are they trying or planning on duplicating it.

nintendo to me innovated and cultivated many things in this world.

putting cameras on a system good idea they knew so in the black and white days.

mic's in hey u pikachu
rumble, virtual reality , all that stuff
nintendo took gambles on and if it became a success
and caught on it spread industry wide

touch screens werent really mainstream till the ds and iphone came out and sold millions. all of that stuff nintendo had a part in its success and letting the world catch on to it.

all the hate ppl say but really a screen on your controller is a really great idea to me just for the pure geek factor. thats awesome and its gonna spin into something cool in the next generation of controllers.

xtreampro_REVENGE!4373d ago

Streaming a fully fledged game on to a portable and playing it on the go was demonstrated by Sony first. That article was basically saying the PSV can already do what the WiiU controller can do.

The WiiU had nothing up and running at E3 apart from tech demos, whereas at Sony's kiosks actual games being transferred from the PS3 to the PSV were being demonstrated and played with.

Learn to read and keep up.

iforgotmylogin4373d ago

if you payed attention at Nintendo e3.

wiiu has nothing with streaming on the go.
its projecting a video feed from the wiiubox to the controller and displaying stats and such.

your tv is your screen but if you wanted to you can transfer your tv screen to your controller and play the game seamlessly.

wiiu controller isnt a portable. i read the article but the wii u does more than that. i dont see anyone putting their psv on the floor and using move to play golf.

this year was wii-u's reveal and its only cause
of all the hype that built up from march
nintendo needed to take control b4 it leaked imo, its not fully developed yet.

2 year strategy which is reveal console year 1
show games and everything else year 2 for a launch that year or early year 3.

xtreampro_REVENGE!4373d ago

I know it's projecting the game to the controller so what's your point? PSV does it better by letting you take it anywhere on the planet.

By the way the PSV is a portable gaming machine, not a gimmick, putting the WiiU controller on the floor to hit a golf ball is a gimmick.

How would you control your PSV/3DS if it's lying on the floor? Use your brain for once.

metsgaming4373d ago

Yea nintendo innovates alright, they just entered the HD gen, they made the wiiu which works alot like the psp and vita. Then they keep creating the same games over and over, dont get me wrong its great for the fans but how about release something new as well?

TheDivine4373d ago

They do they brought the first glasses free 3d gaming, touch screens in gaming, they acually have new jrpgs like last story, xenoblade, pandoras tower and many new ips and ways to play. People already said rumble, motion controlls exc. I love the idea of the wii u it will be awesome and fun. Sony and ms both have brought innovations but denying nin has is just plain wrong and so is comparing the vita and ps3 to the wii u.

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Peaceful_Jelly4374d ago

A Tablet with analogs and buttons... Doesn't Vita has touch-pad, touchscreen, six-axis, 3G, OLED, double analog sticks, double camera, robust online features and other stuff? Why nobody talks about the innovation of that console? While Nintendo just adds some buttons to a Table and everybody's like, "OMGz teh innovation!". >_<

People just love to jump on the bandwagon. Seriously...

Kamikaze1354374d ago

Yep, and the streaming tech is already available on some PS3 games via PSP and coming to iPad for OnLive this Fall.

ChickeyCantor4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

"Yep, and the streaming tech is already available on some PS3 games via PSP and coming to iPad for OnLive this Fall."

But its not dedicated as how the Wiiu will utilize it.

I already see lots of Wiiu games being designed around the multiple screen setup. I don't think we will see that much with PS3 and Vita( I can see game-Updates adding new connectivity though)

N4g_null4373d ago

It's not just streaming the problem with the vita is you will have to download the game and develop it for the ps3 and the vita so they will work together thus taking power away from an already strained console. Then you have the wait. With the wiiu is supported on every game out of the box because it is a possible serene for you to play a whole game on. Then it interacts with the tv as a screen on screen or a window into vr. Now streaming a game onto a vita is cool but what can you do on the vita that does not require a download or game media.

Then there is the fact that move doesn't work with vita. Vita has no globe of light on it so the ps eye can not see it and the move has no camera on it so it can't see the vita. You have a disconnect here. The wiimote plus can see the wiiu controller and the controller can see the wiiu because it has two ir lights.

Hell you can even use a move on the wiiu controller if you write drivers for it.

So yeah it's not just stream it's a two way tracking system with a multi touch vr screen overlay interface which tracks perfectly.

xxLuckyStrike4374d ago (Edited 4374d ago )

A controller vs a portable handheld are two different hardwares.

goodfellas274373d ago

the topic was about innovation, no?

Pixel_Enemy4373d ago

Not in this case. The PSvita has the potential to do exactly what the new WiiU controller does. But not only that, it can do A LOT more. The fact that the PSVita can go with you out of your home vs the WiiU controller that can't be too far from the console.

Raf1k14373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

True but the Wii U controller is basically a PSP which is where the comparisons come in.

edit: What I mean is that the controller is a lot like using a PSP for remote play not that it is a PSP.

kramun4373d ago

'The fact that the PSVita can go with you out of your home vs the WiiU controller that can't be too far from the console. '

Except it will cost a lot more.

sikbeta4373d ago

It'll cost more but it'll have its own games, cross platform games, it'd be used everywhere you want unlike the wii-u controller, that's huge man...

N4g_null4373d ago

Problem is the vita can't play one game made for a console platform any where in your house with out a port of streaming. Also streaming does not support vita interacting with you tv. It will need media or full downloads.

With vita you can take your game with you but you will still need an outlet let and a ps3 to stream games unless you like buying two copies.

On top of it all how is that move support going? What makes you think vita designs like a wiiu are going to be supported. Sony does not want to go head on with intends solution because they will loose. The ps3s lack of a video card capable of dual monitors is the death kneel for them.

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VampiricDragon4373d ago

its a console dude. Not a portable system.

sikbeta4373d ago

I'm calling it, PSV will do the same the wii-u tablet, BUT ANYWHERE, no need use the 2 devices in the same place like the wii-u and its tablet-controller, plus the PSV will have its own games, cross-platform as-well...

ChickeyCantor4373d ago

The difference is that Wiiu is used as a secondary screen( like maps, inventories, whatever they showed in the demo) for games when the games are played on TV.

Its not meant to be portable in a sense that you can go outside miles away from home.

N4g_null4373d ago

Yep the 3ds can do that also. Actually so does laptops. You have to plug those up to and I hear that have fun games and a great network that free too.

Some great damage control but will the next uncharted use this? What about killzone? Can a ps3 even render to two different monitors! Hd by it self is hard enough.

iforgotmylogin4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

the 3DS has a analog stick, touch screen, gyro sensors and Accelerometers , street pass, 2 screens, 3d screen, 3D camera, Front facing camera, Expandable memory, Backwards compatability, and other features and stuff.

... sonys portable is a handheld. smartphones today have most of that stuff.

nintendos controller is for a system console, not a portable device.

sonys portable has been done same with the 3DS
all they have are a few things that set them apart from a smart phone. nothing really innovative from either imo cept the back pad and 3D screen.

do you know the definition of innovation?

1 : the introduction of something new

2 : a new idea, method, or device

HOW MANY VIDEO GAME COMPANIES HAVE A CONTROLLER WITH A6.2 inch touch screen with streaming capability's and ways to change the game?

SilentNegotiator4373d ago

"the 3DS has a analog stick, touch screen, gyro sensors and Accelerometers , street pass, 2 screens, 3d screen, 3D camera, Front facing camera, Expandable memory, Backwards compatability, and other features and stuff"

Vita has all of those features other than (obviously) the second screen and 3D features. And it has its own unique features, too; like the back trackpad, with its own unique implementations like sliding objects from behind in LBP Vita and manipulating the ground in Little Deviants (or whatever it's called).

"... sonys portable is a handheld. smartphones today have most of that stuff"

Again, you're not really making a point. There are already 3D screen/camera phones on/coming to the market. But obviously, Vita/3DS have a more impressive lineup of GAMES.

iforgotmylogin4373d ago

I was replying to 2.0 but to your comment @ silent

"Vita has all of those features other than (obviously) the second screen and 3D features. And it has its own unique features, too; like the back trackpad, with its own unique implementations like sliding objects from behind in LBP Vita and manipulating the ground in Little Deviants (or whatever it's called)"

that same paragraph you can switch it around for the 3DS and have an extremely valid point as well.. my point is trying to get that across that the psv doesnt beat the 3DS in nothing except graphics.

SilentNegotiator4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

"psv doesnt beat the 3DS in nothing except graphics"

So true, so true. PSV does not beat 3DS in nothing.

Come now. The Vita is more than "better graphics"
The CPU that is familiar to developers, which will be HUGE for how many games end up on the Vita. It's bound to be the PS2 of handhelds; if not in sales, at least in game quality and quantity.

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Mac is OK4374d ago

To be fair Nintendo had to release a new system first so they had the chance to wow everyone. We still don't know if Sony and Microsoft will follow or innovate in their own way. They clearly were the first ones to innovate with the Wii though.

rhood0224374d ago

Although I'm intrigued by the Wii U (primarily from a games stand point) I honestly don't think the Wii U will emulate the success of the Wii.

The vast majority of people who bought a Wii (and really the overall Wii demo itself) were those people who typically don't buy a console every new generation. They are also the type that don't care about the newest tech. For many, the Wii was their first console and will serve them well into the future.

Instead, what I think you'll see happen is the original Wii continue to surge in sales as the price drops. Sure the Wii U will have it's audience (myself included) but I don't expect it to burst outta the gate like the Wii did

xxLuckyStrike4374d ago

Like my buddy said imagine being able to draw up your own plays on madden or 2k12... Their are many possibilities. People should welcome this tech and not be in denial that once again it's Nintendo bringing to the table

death2smoochie4373d ago

"Open-mindedness on N4G?"


Canas20104374d ago

Wow some common sense. Have a bubble.

Just_The_Truth4373d ago

that's great and all but you "could" just do that with the Udraw(THQ) for the wii,ps3 and xbox. Everyone i know who bought a wii don't use it often, so how are they going to convince people that the same isn't going to happen if they buy this one. Plus over 100m people already have a ps3/xbox what's going to make them need this? I personally expect more.

mamotte4373d ago

you know what they said: If you want something perfect, do it yourself. What are you wating to start?

Shok4373d ago

Does the Udraw tablet have a screen? What about 8 buttons? 2 analogue sticks? Does it have a camera? Mic? Speakers? Can I stream my TV onto my controller? Gyroscope? accelerometer?

theIMP4373d ago

God damn bitter fanboys. Jeez ya'll just can't stand for anyone but Sony to get praise can you? Just & crew, you are all wrong, there has never been anything like WiiU before. No matter how much you twist things in your head to make yourselves believe there is, or that Sony’s already done this, you’re just plain wrong. We don't even know if it will be good yet, but here you and the PS3 gang are doing pre-damage control. Why don't ya'll stick to the PS3 article since that’s the only game console that will ever be good, cool, innovative, etc., etc., etc., in your eyes. Why do you people have to bash every-f#$king-thing that’s not Sony. No matter how cool and idea, or how successful, or how many people are excited for a product coming out, if it’s not Sony ya’ll are here in droves bashing and trashing. It’s getting old and really pathetic. I say if the PS3 was as godly, and almighty as ya'll make it out to be you would never have time, or care enough to troll these articles.

Just_The_Truth4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

you guys know i was replay to LuckStrike right?

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mamotte4373d ago

You sound like a logical human, gamer, and a nice person.

But you're posting on N4G. Now, run!!!!

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