Final Fantasy XIII-2 - Lightning Versus Bahamut Gameplay

Check out the gameplay footage of Lightning versus Bahamut

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rabidpancakeburglar2690d ago

They are really laying it on heavy with the XIII-2 gameplay and details tonight. I like that they are changing up the gameplay so that the characters don't just stand about.

abc12332690d ago

Have to admit this does look awesome. Hopefully they don't make the same mistakes as XIII

DA_SHREDDER2690d ago

I have to admit, it looks just as crappy as FF13. I cannot stand the battle system now. I cant believe Squeenix pillaged and raped one of my favorite franchises of all time?

Hozi892690d ago

Just give me Type O and Versus already Square!!!

Godmars2902690d ago

I should at least be mildly interested in this, but I find that I just cannot forgive Square for releasing XIII in the state that they did, making all of the excuses that they did and now turning out what is obviously a more diverse title.

maddfoxx2690d ago

This gen, SE have proven themselves to be bad liars.

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