E3 2011: Final Fantasy XIII-2 Longer than Predecessor; 360 Version Might Have 3 or More Discs

We all know the fact that Final Fantasy XIII is a huge game as the Xbox 360 version has three discs. With the sequel coming out in Japan by the end of the year and early next year for North America, Xbox 360 owners can expect another FF game that will have multiple disc.

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rabidpancakeburglar2690d ago

That's good to hear. Would be surprised if it had more than 3 disks on the 360 though.

sikbeta2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

You don't know with SE, probably making it 3Discs and then sell the rest as DLC, or even worst, use the rest for "XIII-3"... milk the hell out of it...

Focker4202690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Funny considering FFXIII didn't have any DLC...

edit: @below

They are saying more quality?? Wow thats completely backwards, blu-rays are known for better audio and crisper graphics.

FFXIII on 360 had to have all of its audio compressed just so it could fit onto the 3 discs. As well as the unreal graphics on the PS3 versions CGI, on the 360 is was significantly worse. But I guess the fanboys forgot about all of that.

Sunhammer2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

I love how the new spin from 360 fanboys regarding multi-disc releases is "more quality."

What does that say about:

1. Your single DVD games?
2. 50 GB blu-rays, which most PS3 exclusives use?


slaton242690d ago

y do u think they would milk u for ur money they have not yet done that and also if it was to b some DLC they would have made 13-2 a DLC package

captain-obvious2690d ago

the title is like a perfect joke

Mottsy2690d ago

@ focker

read the bottom. hope that clears your significantly differnce issue up for ya.

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DatNJDom812690d ago

Gimped confirmed. Before you disagree think about the history of the first one. If you still disagree your in denial. No thanks ill pass. Give me versus. FYI if it goes multi ill pass on it as well which most likely will happen.

Aloren2690d ago

Why ? Cause you would have to more your ass every 15 hours to change a disk ? that's like 3 cod campaign... ;)

silkrevolver2690d ago

That’s like 20 COD campaigns.

Peaceful_Jelly2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

no, because design choices would have to be made like: what content has to be removed or how far can you backtrack. Where would be the check point to change discs, what duplicate data would carry to each disc? And the problem with this is that the PS3 version would be affected too even though the entire game is in the same disc. Why can't PS3 owners have stuff like multiple voice overs? They always do the voice overs in Japanese and English anyway.

In conclusion, a seamless world would be impossible to realize. What would be the point of having a world map when you can't even visit certain places because they were on the first disc and right now you're on the second/third? That's so PS1 in the 90's...

As you can see the issue goes beyond simply moving your ass to change discs every 15 hours. This is why PS3 fans are hoping for FFvsXIII to stay exclusive while other people scream "fanboyism!".

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2690d ago

This is the year 2011. Microsoft need to get with the times. Wow, 360 fans will do *anything* to defend this, even if there's a possibility it may gimp games in the future.


Aloren2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Never had this problem when I played Lost Odyssey, and it's on 4 disks. Never had this problem when I played blue dragon either, and it's on 3 disks...I'm sure Square can come up with something.

(And I don't care, i'll get it on PS3 like i did with FFXIII, but still, multiple disks is not as terrible as some seem to imply...)

squallheart2690d ago

I wished lost oddyseey would be on ps3 ;-; not buying the 360 for one game. Anyway back to topic i wonder if 360 players have a decent gaming set up to notice how compressed the game is. Thats why im happy its on one disk on the ps3, 65inch tv, 9.2 surround sound i dont want to notice flaws on the game. Though thats saying alot seeing how im not going to buy it lol only when it reaches 20. Theres to many other games coming out that i really want.

creatchee2690d ago


And how exactly would you propose that Microsoft get with the times?

Add a Blu-ray player? That would divide their market because not everyone would buy it (see the Sega 32X), Besides that, they've already said no on the subject many times.

Stop allowing publishers to make 360 games? Oh, you'd love that I bet.

I'm out of ideas, as I'm sure that developers faced with the problem are as well. The fact is there is no working around multiple discs for games such as FFXIII and LA Noire on the 360. I'm lucky enough to have both a 360 and a PS3, so if the game is equal to or better than its 360 counterpart, or if it has cool bonus content on the Blu-ray, I'll get it on PS3. But not every 360 owner has that option.

But the funny thing is, I've never heard anybody that I know complain about swapping discs on the 360 (or going back, even the PS1 for that matter). The only people who incessantly whine about it are fanboys who have no intention of even buying that version of the game.

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Amaterasu52690d ago

360 in 2011 is unacceptable

don't blame square, blame MS

madjedi2690d ago

Sorry i blame se not ms for releasing ff13, with half the content missing, to stretch ff13 into a 2 part game, at least with ffx-2, it's predecessor was a full fledged ff, not too lean like 13.

@360 guys defending multi-disc games, this was acceptable on the ps1 due to the storage limits of cds, nowadays hardly.

But seriously we know you aren't getting the ps3 version and are forced to have multiple discs, but anyone spinning this as anything but a negative or inconvenience is a lying & delusional fool.

Biggest problem with multi-disc games, lose a disc it stops working your sol, hence why 1 disc is alot better.

Anyone wanna bet against me that ff13 part 2, will be released before ffvs13?

Also at the rate they are going, who is going to buy se out, maybe take two or ea?

M-A-R-S-H-A-L-L2689d ago

creatchee : They should have used HD-DVD at *least*. Stop defending Microsoft on this crap. Back when the PS3 came out, everyone was laughing at bluray. Guess Sony knew exactly what they were doing when they used that format.

Again, this is 2011. Microsoft need to get with the times. If they can upgrade Windows every year or whatever, they could *at least* upgrade the technology in their system.

MightyMark4272690d ago

Just as long as the 360 copy wont look like crap than the PS3, ill be happy

coryok2690d ago

its using the same engine.. its going to look very similar to what the previous game looked like, from the screenshots shown, it seems like its going to look exactly the same lol

waterboy2690d ago

not if you have seen the actual gameplay, pc games are the only platform you can judge a games looks by screenshots, thats why pc fans use to challenge us to screenshot battles, cause pc screens resolutions we couldnt win, but the engine looks better than the 13 engine by a bit

coryok2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@waterboy theyre using the exact same engine lol, both using 1.1 crystal engine

the only thing i got from the screenshots is that they arent working on many of the things that the engine allows for, they didnt even upgrade to allow for graphical updates, and via FF14 forums they have said that SE has no plans for upgrading the engine (ff14 is using the same engine also) to include support for other graphical features that they left out.

athe only way that i can see them redoing the graphics is by downscaling the textures, but there wouldnt really be a reason to do so. its also unlikely that theyre doing it as its going to be a 3 (or larger as per the article) disk game, and textures take a lot of space

GunofthePatriots2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

ill edit my troll comment lol.

i thought ff13 was very long and now 13-2 will be longer? nice!

StbI9902690d ago

Man how can n4g mod ban my new account with all these troll fed account around? what is the compiracy, i just want to share loveeee lol, let smoke and play some vita while listening to bob marley xD.

What does this have to do with the comment above¿?, he has one star so i guess he share the feeling lmao

jbl3162690d ago

As long as the game is fun to play, I don't mind changing discs all the time.

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