Neverwinter: the real D&D MMO

Matt writes - "This is the D&D game I’ve been waiting for a while. Hell, this is the game I thought Daggerdale was going to be: a PC game that brought the table-top D&D experience into the virtual space. The ability to experience an amazing story with other people is the main draw of gaming. If you don’t believe that, go run an end-game raid in WoW on a Vent server with a bunch of your buddies. It’s an amazing time.

And with this release, D&D’s two weaknesses: cost of entry and finding other people to play with, are gone in an instant."

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Spenok2740d ago

Now I would say its a bit to early to be setting lofty expectations like this one, I can say I'm just as excited and hopeful as the author that this will be the ultimate D&D experience. I can't wait to see it in action.

Darkfiber2738d ago

We can only hope...two things have me worried though. Cryptic (obviously) and the fact that it's wayyyy too bright and cartoony. Here's hoping it'll play right, cause if it's another auto-target, auto-attack fest like every other outdated MMO, it will fail big time.

Jack-Dangerously2738d ago

I'm gonna have to disagree with you there, big guy. You obviously don't like MMO's so your opinion doesn't really matter at all. imHo.

Darkfiber2738d ago

Wow, you really have no life.

Jack-Dangerously2738d ago

;).... Now that I have you.... My life is complete...