Wii U and I: Hands-On With Nintendo's Wii U | CheatCC

CheatCC says - "The Wii started out as a pretty glorious experiment. Motion control was something that seemed like future technology at the time, and everyone saw the Wii as the future of gaming. While the Wii has delivered several high-quality gaming experiences over the years, the fact is that with only barebones support from third-party developers, and some pretty awful motion controls in its early days, the Wii left many hardcore gamers cold. Nintendo has identified this, and in their recent E3 keynote address admitted that they needed to serve a "wider" audience of gamer with their next console."

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Oldman1002692d ago

You should have the capability of using more than one WiiU controller at a time on the same console. Everyone else having to use different controllers doesn't sound right.