Preview of Wii U's Exclusive 'Killer Freaks From Outerspace'

GameXplain: "Today, Ubisoft announced Killer Freaks from Outer Space as an exclusive FPS for Wii U. Ubisoft said their focus for the game was to rethink the FPS genre with creativity and innovation while using everything they’ve learned about games up to this point."

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Dash Reindeer2687d ago

This game sounds a little like Duke nukem

Abash2687d ago

What is this, a more "mature" Raving Rabbids? -_-

Maxned2687d ago

Or Destroy All Humans.

This really sounds like an arcade game, though. I hope it's one of many downloadable games.

fear882687d ago

Excuse me Ubisoft for not believing you on this. I really have a hard time believing that you of all developers can deliver on an "innovative" exclusive launch title. I still remember how much you guys hyped Red Steel at the Wii launch and that was one helluva broken game.

DrFUD2687d ago

Killer Clowns should sue

jacksonmichael2687d ago

My thoughts exactly. With a sequel coming, I hoped this would be somehow related, actually.

Shok2687d ago

Go watch the trailer guys. It's all CG but it looks interesting. Retarded name but the actual game looks promising.

SpLinT2687d ago

i hope they dont add cloak and bubble shields to this. it should be good

AWBrawler2687d ago

trailer looks weird no comment

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