Joystiq- Star Wars Kinect Preview: Force Flail

Joystiq: "Players have no control over the camera, and movement is largely restricted to a predetermined path, but there is a degree of freedom in dispatching enemies. Dropping onto the sky-bound platforms of Cloud City, I found myself surrounded by hostile droids. My Jedi avatar automatically chose his targets, but it was up to me to decide how to dispatch it.

Placing one foot forward, I used the Force to dash to the nearest droid. A swing of my right arm brought my lightsaber searing through its mechanical guts. Doing this, honestly, feels a little awkward. My saber swings always came out broad and slow, so players hoping to recreate the feather-light, balletic movements of the most recent films may be out of luck. Also, for what it's worth, stabbing motions didn't seem to be recognized."

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TardcoreGamer2687d ago

I feel as though this game would have been better if it was a PS Move exclusive. Just saying..

MintBerryCrunch2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

"lightsaber on"....i just cant get over that....idk why they couldnt make it an animation

i agree that it would have potential if done right on the move, and the best part is that you could be able dual wield sabers

gypsygib2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

With all the hate reviewers give games that are linear this shouldn't score more than a 3/10, as it's on rails. It can't get more linear than that.

And this could have been an amazing Move game but MS probably locked up the Star Wars motion control contract.

Sony needs to get its act together with the Move, all future FPS game should have the option even if Sony has to pay for it themselves, and they should have a bunch of Move only games coming out.

It seems MS is trying too hard with crap-for-gaming hardware and Sony isn't trying at all with great-for-gaming hardware.

This whole gen has been "Tech vs Marketing"

coryok2687d ago

can you die in this game? lol

i was wondering since i watched the conference. there doesnt seem to be any indication of life anywhere, seems like youre on rails the whole time whacking away at robits without any challenege other than time or score or something thats presented at the end of a level

something like nintendos kirby game? lol

MintBerryCrunch2687d ago

they probably disabled it just for presentation purposes...wouldnt look good if you died while on stage...had it been dark souls, that would have been the first thing that needed to happen in order to satisfy the crowd lol

a08andan2687d ago (Edited 2687d ago )

Thats an impossibility. Isn't the main character in that new Dark Souls Death? How can Death die? :)

Sorry I am really tired, couldn't sleep and this is what happens :P

MintBerryCrunch2687d ago

i heard its even more hardcore than Demon's Souls...people playing the demo at E3 have been saying that the game kicks your ass, and then kicks it some more

solidsheep2687d ago

omg robot hobits run!! sorry had to first thing that popped in my head when i read robits

coryok2686d ago

lol its from futurama wobwobwobwob

is zoidberg

gaden_malak2687d ago

Some guy in the comments made a great point using it with Move. The idea of it is orgasmic.

002687d ago

this game looks absolutely horrible.

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