Why the Wii U is Definitely the Perfect Console, and Why it's Also Definitely an Utter Disaster

GamesRadar: "So, Nintendo has a new machine then. It's a proper, serious, hardcore-specced HD powerhouse with a full set of real controller inputs and a stack of high-profile third-party developer support. Nintendo has shown off a real-time Zelda demo that would be mind-blowing even if it was a first-party PS3 game. Batman: Arkham City is coming out for it. It's getting Battlefield 3. Bioshock creator Ken Levine loves it.

It also has a controller the size of a paving stone, with half an iPad built into the middle, along with a camera, a gyroscope, speaker, microphone, and touch-pen. This is one hell of a machine, with one hell of a lot to think about. Insane genius? Triumphant return to real gaming by Nintendo? Swiss Army console mess? Gimmicky shambles? Too little, too late? All of these possibilities are completely plausible."

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M-Easy2693d ago

Perfect console with only two years max before its outdated by new Sony & M$ consoles. I'm still optimistic about it but lets get real. Its gonna end up underpowered just like the Wii is now.

eagle212693d ago

outdated?? The gameplay possibilities with this could make ps3 and 360 style controllers feel like the stone age. Think about it!

Close_Second2693d ago

Look at the cost of additional console controllers. Do you really think a tablet style controller can be priced as to not put people off?

matey2692d ago

without the controller it could do 90fps on alot of ps3 games running at 30fps and with more realistic gameplay then u add the UPad and its even better wow

R0me2692d ago

Wow look at the disagrees he gets for stating a fact.
Today any electronic device is outdated when you buy it at release, few weeks later there is a better device. Now think about 2 years and the fact that Wii U hasnt high-end specs. It will be like it is today, he is obviously right.

matey2692d ago (Edited 2692d ago )

I SWEAR IF I WAS NEXT TO U I WOULD SMACK U WHY TALK SHIT IBM HAVE SAID ITS RUNNING ON A POWER7 CPU U KNOW THE 1 PS4 IS USING BUT WiiU is already using it well next year ibm have also stated they are still developing it so it will be a beast a customised power7 cpu optimised 4 console with tons of ram will crush ps3/360 i mean crush

StarCSR2692d ago

Unless the majority traditional home TV sets bring us resolutions bigger than 1080p within the next three years, then I don't think the difference between Wii-U and the other consoles will be as big as this generation...

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DrFUD2693d ago

what about rumble?
who wants to play a shooter without force feedback

tunaks12693d ago

"Why it's Also Definitely an Utter Disaster"

because its 1 WiiU controller per console, I don't care if you can use X and Y controllers, if only 1 person can experience the new controller it gimps local play.

GIMPED local play on a Nintendo machine? I though I'd never say that.

colonel1792693d ago

ONE controller per console? That would be really stupid! Has it been confirmed? I mean, I mostly play SP games, but having just one WiiU controller per consoles does not make sense at all! FAIL!

Ddouble2693d ago

I think it has been confirmed but i'm not too sure.
They said the reason was because to receive the game from the console on more than one controller would be difficult or require more power.

tunaks12692d ago

yeah unfortunately its been confirmed, only 1 WiiU can connect to the console.

Coming from a Nintendo rep...
- "Both the controller and the console will be sold as one unit. You won't be able to buy the controller alone."
- multiplayer games being created for the system are only being designed to accomodate one Wii Ucontroller
- other players have to use Wiimotes

source: http://www.computerandvideo...

kungfuian2693d ago (Edited 2693d ago )

In all honesty I'm excited by the ability to play Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc with beautiful visuals that match or even surpass the PS3/360. That alone will sell the system for me.

But I'm not as sold on are all the potential functionalities of the controller. It appears to do a lot of interesting/cool little things, but none that really stand out as amazing or must have for me. Def nothing on the level of when the Wii was first released.

Plus the Wii's motion controls are easy to understand, and therefore market, where as this thing looks a little more complex/abstract.

Becasue of this new focus on versatility, lack of WOW factor, and the lack of a simple easy to unrderstand control scheme, I'm not convinced Nintendo will be able to sell it's new vision to as broad an audience as the Wii.

IMO, it's just too complex for the casual, and not quite hardcore enough to draw away the core from sony/ microsoft.

Then again, this presentation was focused on demos showing potential applications. Nintendo haven't shown off that genre redefining killer app that puts all the peices together. Gonna have to wait for that before making any true long term judgement/predictions.

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