Sony e3 Report Card - No Gamer Left Behind

As predicted, the PS VITA (now the official name of the NGP) was the star of the press conference. The system will start at $249, which might cause some trouble for Nintendo if Sony has a solid library of games to back it up. AT&T will be the official 3G and wireless internet provider of the handheld. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Street Fighter x Tekken, ModNation Racers, Little Big Planet were major titles announced for the system, with more to come.

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ATiElite2690d ago

PSVita is hot and Sony showed a bunch of Exclusives we already new about. Holiday 2011 looks to be in Sony's favor.

One bad thing was Jack Trenton letting it slip that Agent may no longer be a PS3 Exclusive. This happened in an interview with Geoff Keighly.

metsgaming2690d ago

i always thought agent could turn multiplat its rockstar.

evildanser2690d ago

ps vita already have my money in this holyday season lol

VampiricDragon2690d ago

if your in america or europe you wont get it this holiday