First Hitman Absolution Gameplay

From a Danish news report, here is approximately 30 seconds of gameplay from Agent 47's newest outing

Skip to 15:00 to see the footage (ninth white line).

Update: It's not much and it's sandwiched between footage of Blood Money and a game designer talking. But you get to see some sneaking, the cover system, killing a guy with a statue bust, 47 being discovered by the helicopter, a ledge pull...

young juice4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

cuz my comment sucked

MintBerryCrunch4373d ago

looked like a blend of MGS, Splinter Cell and Uncharted from what they showed

likedamaster4373d ago

lol^^^ Looked like Hitman to me. Same old awesome gameplay. Looking forward to it.

MidnytRain4373d ago

You're right; that pulldown totally looked like it was ripped from Uncharted, lol.

Commander_TK4373d ago

So Uncharted was the first game ever to have that pulldown?

MidnytRain4373d ago

Defending this game in a heartbeat, bro. I can see you have an emotional attachment, but try to understand what I wrote, XD. The animation looks similar, the enemy's physical reaction is spot on, and he even grabs him in the same place. I'll try to make a comparison GIF at some point, lol.

STONEY44373d ago

It's because Hitman was actually doing these things way before Uncharted 2. Now everyone thinks it "looks like Uncharted".

TheMrMadzen4373d ago (Edited 4373d ago )

Awesome. Go Denmark!
The gameplay/interview starts a 15:00 and ends at 17:40

Undeadwolfy4373d ago

Thanks, author should replace link with yours

ilikestuff4373d ago

thanks for the link, game looks pretty badass so far

bronxsta4373d ago


Is there a way to do that once the article is on the site?

Bounkass4373d ago

Lol, well that was worth the wait... Lol. *cough cough*

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