Batman Arkham Asylum 'Wasn't The Ending We Wanted'

Speaking with Sefton Hill, Game Director for Batman: Arkham City, NowGamer has discovered that the ending of Arkham Asylum wasn't what the team wanted.

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rabidpancakeburglar2688d ago

Well obviously. The Titan Joker was just stupid.

LarVanian2688d ago

I liked Titan Joker, he was funny. That was the one moment in which Joker could have easily taken down Batman, but instead wasted the opportunity posing for the cameras lol.

Focker4202688d ago

Ya it was pretty stupid, and then he just goes back to normal... Its like what the heck happened to all of the muscles and broken bones?? They don't just magically disappear...

antz11042681d ago

True, but thats the problem with the Joker. While being the best Batman villian, he's not one that would stand up in a good mano-a-mano fight. Croc and Bane had strength, Crane had the nightmare sequences. The Joker was always known for having some scenario like he was going to blow up the city or infect it with joker gas and Batman had to stop it in time. This usually ended with the Joker himself going down pretty quick. End fight just didn't go along with his style.

HeavenlySnipes2688d ago

I wouldn't know how to end it. I think something like an epic fight with Jokers henchmen and Joker escaping into Arkham City would suffice but I agree that the titan Joker thing was pretty meh.

ger1012688d ago

The only thing I didn't like about AA. I thought the Joker fight was ridiculous.

Tex1172688d ago

it was obvious that it didn't flow with the rest the game.

13remen2688d ago

Because it was the ending gamers deserved, but not the one they need right now. So we'll criticize it because Rocksteady can take it. Because they're not our heroes. They're silent guardians, watchful protectors, Dark Knight game developers.

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