Rocksteady: 'We're Not Call Of Duty Spectacle'

Sefton Hill, Game Director for Batman: Arkham City, has been speaking to NowGamer about Rocksteady's attitude towards game development.

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Spinal2777d ago

Good one Rocksteady, Let them know you aint on the path of mindless drag that Call of duty has been constantly re-producing.

Ser2777d ago

I love you even more now, Rocksteady.

herukuti2777d ago

if even they copied 1% of the call of duty business framework i would buy the games rocksteady releases. so a batman every year with different perspectives from within the batman universe would be welcomed!

Anderson82777d ago

i wouldn't welcome this i believe yearly installments are far too frequent

nilamo2777d ago

God I hate call of duty with a passion.

zeal0us2777d ago

"you can have something that is hopefully a bit more intelligent and a bit more about gameplay. There is always room for that"

Bobby Kotick doesn't know a thing about intelligences. Bobby's motto is "Screw The Rules, Its All About Money".