Mass Effect 3’s New Voice Commands Are Xbox 360-only and Here’s Why

Mass Effect 3 is getting Kinect support, letting you issue commands with your voice, letting you play the devil or angel on Shepard's shoulder. If that sounds like a feature you want, note that voice command won't be coming to the PlayStation 3 or PC versions of the game, BioWare says.

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Godmars2902690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

So they're saying that they're lazy, or just that they can be bought?

Bigpappy2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

@Godmars: Some of your recent comments have been solid. This one not so much.

I thought you would be aware that Kinect is not just a camera with a Mic. M$ has said many time that it has its own software, not just for VOICE recognition, but SPEECH recognition. Bioware does not need to create additional software to do this, Kinect itself already handles this. The speech software takes spoken words and accurately accounts for mis-pronunciations and so on, then converts that into writer words.

If you get a chance to try this with Bing or Sync in FORD cars, you will see how well it works. Its the software that makes it different.

Godmars2902690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

Already addressed this in the binary Domain article, and if I read that one correctly then Bioware has no excuse. Besides rather pointless favoritism given their speech option only really compliments their already established wheel menu.

Likewise, though I honestly consider it of some benefit to have it available to users, Bing on the 360 is equally beneficial to Bing. It makes the search engine more popular than it was on its own and boosts its numbers against Google.

I also see and raise you to look for an Adobe update through Bing. They may - hopefully - have updated it since I last used it, but instead of being sent straight to the Adobe page I needed to go to which I had done before with Google, I got an in-house MS page requiring a subscription. Bing probably works great with general consumer inquiries, but I wager with competing projects its refers to MS hosted content.

Machioto2689d ago

Sony has something called ps vr that seems comparable to kinect voice recognition.

malamdra2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

"Its the software that makes it different."

you do know that Kinect is hardware, right? because any other software features that has can easily be incorporated to the 360 with an update so regular cheap headsets can be use for it

Dark_king2689d ago

@malamdra kinect is not just hardware.In fact its hardware is the least impressive part of kinect.Its software is want allows it to do everything it does.

Biggest2689d ago

You actually believe that? The software made for Kinect is what makes it worthwhile and can not be done with another piece of hardware? You should seek out the Wizard. He can help you with that pesky brain problem.

kingdoms2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

I called the reason yesterday. Only ps3 fans think kinect is just a camera. Kinect has 3D binacular vision capable of low light vision with a multi array microphone and also on board processor and advanced software. All of this together creates a sort of AI for gaming and other applications. Looks like there is some upset people after all, over hybrid games they won't experience. Yesterday it was stupid and today haters desperately want kinect like experiences.

Be careful there is a abgry mod in here abiding his power.

Sony3602689d ago

Go away with your reasonable argument and sensible comments. Also, enough with those FACTS of yours as well. This is N4fanboyG, and your reason isn't welcome here!

ikkokucrisis2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

OMG this voice command thing is so amazing, I've never heard of or even played anything like this before! SOCOM
This is a revolution in gaming! SOCOM

SilentNegotiator2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

This is an incredibly lame excuse. Kinect "has" voice recognition, but people seem to think that it's built in to the point of being completely transferable into a game. They still have to program everything. It's not like Kinect has a built in dictionary that translates everything and automatically transfers the data to the game. SEPARATE SOFTWARE still has to do all of the work.

It's obvious that Microsoft had a hand in this. And fine, if Bioware wants to take some money to have exclusive features like that, fine. But I'm not about to support a game that leaves out features with the developers giving us such a lame excuse.

"Bioware does not need to create additional software to do this, Kinect itself already handles this. The speech software takes spoken words and accurately accounts for mis-pronunciations and so on, then converts that into writer words"
That is a total lie. Kinect doesn't have built-in software capable of automatic speech recognition; separate software has to translate the audio.

MysticStrummer2689d ago

"Well said" lol If you get a chance to try this with SOCOM on the PS2 or Tom Clancy's EndWar on the PS3, you will see how well it works. Whether Kinect has dedicated speech recognition or not is irrelevant. There's nothing new about speech recognition. They just can't be bothered to implement it. For those PS3 owners who enjoyed ME2, that sucks. For those like me that played the ME2 demo, shrugged, and wondered what the big deal was, it's of no consequence.

mastiffchild2689d ago

Could be easily and cheaply implemented in all systems. There's no reason whatsoever for this decision as headsets and Eyecam could be made to do the job anyway. Then again, it's not something you could use on ANY system without seeming entirely backwards so quite why anyone without Kinect(or with it) cares is beyond me when I actually think about it. The conversation trees take enough time when just reading the text let alone having to make yourself read it aloud FFS-did anyone seriously WANT this anyway? Seems like a desperate way to justify some vague Kinect integration that MS will possibly have paid for which is impressive to use once to show a mate but utterly pointless as a gameplay tool-unless you happen to be blind but then, I'm guessing the TPS parts might be difficult anyway.

It's a bit like Lair on PS3 starting without normal controls just cos Sony wanted to justify and showcase Sixaxis(and to be fair for some it does work-I'm not necessarily one of them though I accept it can be useful)but the game was immeasurably preferable to the vast majority when normal controls arrived and with the choice of playing as we aways have I doubt even a fraction of Kinect owners will play any great part of ME3 using the feature. They, MS, just have to find better ways to get Kinect into good games-this isn't it,. Not for me.

I think we gamers have to swallow a lot of this forced knd of stuff in the name of one company or the other showing how great their stuff is in pointless ways*(like the forgotten Eyedentify and controlling your menus with motions on Kinect-it's not as good as buttons and wouldn't have been with Sony either).Give us things that improve not hinder our usual gaming and we can all agree it's aces.

ChozenWoan2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Corrected it for you ikkokucrisis

"OMG this voice command thing is so amazing, I've never heard of or even played anything like this before! SOCOM for the PS2
This is a revolution in gaming! SOCOM for the PS2"

There you go buddy. ;)

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bumnut2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

why can't it be done on other platforms?

What was the strategy game called that had voice commands using the headset? that worked well enough.

They are clearly lazy or got paid off my ms

EDIT - just saw someone has already stated this below, oops!

YoMeViet2689d ago

Tom Clancy's End War you mean

cereal_killa2689d ago

Socom did voice commands on the PS2 and PSP.

LocO_o2689d ago

They are clearly lazy or got paid off my ms

Have you ever thought to think that maybe itS cheaper and easier to implement voice command with Kinect.

Also Bioware and MS have a good relationship and the 360 was the birth place of ME , so maybe they showing the fans some love.

xTruthx2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Um.. right now you can download Dragon Naturally Speaking for any pc with a microphone. You can do it with anything that has a microphone. So yeah... the only thing you need for speech recognition is software.

You just need so save a sequence of words on the game that represent an action and it works. Windows brings the same software shown on stage, its called "Windows Speech Recognition" and you can control your computer by just using your voice

gamingdroid2689d ago

Why do you think MS won the word processor market from Word Perfect back in the 80s and 90s?

It is called ease of use, and for developers it is ease of implementation. Again one of the things that garnered MS it's position in the gaming industry. Sophisticated software alone, doesn't mean people want to deal with it.

- ease of use
- efficiency
- integration
- accuracy

All matters to developers! They aren't lazy if they don't want to do it! People might just have more important things to do... you now like improving the game and finding new ways of interacting with the game instead of d!cking around for one feature.

No one can deny that Kinect's voice control is faboulous. I have never myself experienced anything so accurate, especially without training it. Most of the PC voice recognition software required significant training to get good results. Kinect works almost out of the box!

Then we just have to take a quick look at Tom Clancy's EndWar that used their own speech recognition and the result? Decent, but not that great. However, it was already leaps above what was out there at the time, but Kinect brings it up on another level on console. It is actually beyond usable now.

To all the haters (read *jealous*), go get an Xbox 360 if you want voice control. If you don't care, then you get what you expected.

ThatArtGuy2689d ago

"They aren't lazy if they don't want to do it!"

Really? I can tell my boss that I simply don't want to go to work today, and he won't think I'm lazy?

You should have told me this before! *Runs off to write this new, and helpful, information down.*

gamingdroid2689d ago

No, it's called efficient use of time. I could spend that time re-inventing the wheel for marginal benefit or use it to do something that's going to have a greater benefit.

Pretty easy concept to understand if you ask me.

mastiffchild2689d ago

Of you don't care? you'd be pretty much everyone or did I miss the memo where all we ME fans(and I've played both on 360)asked for this feature? and the fact is it would take sod all time and money to do it for each platform -seriously, it's nothing to do with time management.

gamingdroid2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

You might not have, but one of the topics immediately after Kinects unveiling was Mass Effect support.

If you don't want it, fair enough, just move on. It's optional to those who have the option!

I don't hear anyone complaining about Bioshock Infinite getting PS Move support? or any other game for that matter...

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JokesOnYou2689d ago

So because the devs dont want to spend alot of extra time and $$$ writing software code that performs on the same level as kinect just to make voice recognition specifically for the ps3 version, suddenly Bioware is lazy, lol really?

hmmm I thought many of the haters said kinect would never be revelant to core games so why do they care now if kinect is being utilized for its voice recognition software, just pretend it doesnt exist and enjoy what will no doubt be another masterpiece on your whichever console you prefer.

Why o why2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

Personally. Mass effect was born on the 360 and i find nothing wrong with its version getting extra whether ms made a clause or not. I dont care for the reason given via pr. I bend the truth daily to save myself aggro. Nothing new and nothing to do with lazy imo just business. I sure werent complaining when the joker was included in the ps3 aa, i wont be complaining about cole being in mavel x tekken made a deal. Simple

I think you should slow on the kinect defence though. We are yet to see a non motion controlled core game being played to a high level with kinect. Time will tell but if you call voice recog ...'being relevent' then how can you sit there and watch people talk crap about move when its actually been implemented to core games at a higher standard not just as something that is used as an extra. We can play resident evil 5, heavy rain, killzone 3 from start to finish with move alone. Little unfair i'd say but i understand your annoyance as each side can gas alot.


JokesOnYou2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

First just for accuracy sake, theres far more hate for kinect(on this site) than for move, but hey who's counting right? For my part I try not to crap on move, however I dont claim to be innocent of all crimes but I dont go to move threads and downplay what it does but when anti-kinect folks find every reason under the sun to troll kinect news while hyping move as the best thing since sliced bread, I wont apologize for pointing out that imo move offers much of the same functionality/gameplay as the wii does only in HD, and yes I freely admit that is a over simplification but for the most part thats how I feel about what move offers= doesn't mean I hate move, just means I find it LESS interesting that what MIGHT be possible/different with kinect.

You see I reluctantly bought kinect because I'm a sucker for new tech and call me crazy but I actually *believe micro is going to fully support it with more than just casual BS that so far I'm not really interest in beyond a few laughs. So although I'm not in love with any of the game offerings available now I do have a fascination/interest in how it will work with more traditional games in the future that I care about. E3 for ME was good because it at least demonstrated some of the "basic" implementation for games like ME3, Ghost Recon, and with Ubi and EA announcements for further support its definitely a step in the right direction for anybody who is remotely interested in kinect. I mean tell me what gamer at heart doesn't at least want the OPTION of a new way to control their games if JUST MAYBE it could turn out to be a bit more immersive or fun??? wii & move both bring something to the table that adds to the gameplay, I suspect kinect will do the same just in a different way, hey did you see the Ghost Recon demo? Thats the kind of stuff I want to do, just think of the many more cool ideas devs could introduce with kinect..... Now if these new hybrid games all suck and the evidence suggests that kinect is just terrible for core games, then I will jump off the bandwagon and move on, until then I have every right to defend my interest in them and I will.

Why o why2689d ago


'until then I have every right to defend my interest in them and I will'


HardCover2689d ago

Day one: AW WHAT VOICE RECOGNITION ON KINECT? That's casual I don't want that!

Day two: AW WHAT NO VOICE RECOGNITION ON PS3 OR PC? That's lazy I wanted that!

nnotdead2689d ago

i agree with you. i thought most saw the feature and thought who cares. maybe the telling ai where to go could be useful. anyways, why the sudden "look what we have" or "wtf lazy sellouts"?

i personally find it to be a lame excuse, but i could care less in the end. the issue we should be discussing is why did all their trailers make ME3 look 100% over the top action game? on rails wtf? from what i hear from the few who got to play the demo, the games also does a lot with its rpg parts.

MysticStrummer2689d ago

Ummm... maybe because voice recognition on consoles has been done since the PS2 (maybe before that but SOCOM was the first console game I played using it), and also on PS3, so not implementing it seems lazy? The same can be said for mouse and keyboard support for FPSs, which has been possible on PS3 since launch but no developer seems to implement as an option. This isn't some new technology we're talking about.

HardCover2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

It's not new but it's by no means standard. How are you going to argue that it's lazy not to put it in when it's CLEARLY not a consistent feature in ANY gaming scene?

If the Kinect lets them add the function in without redirecting too many resources, then let them make the call.

BubbleSniper2689d ago

Kinect is not the only piece of hardware with the capability to do this.

there are reasons behind this decision to NOT include this on other platforms.

i can't wait to see the PC community prove some people wrong, and make devs look foolish. as they have as they continue.

Joe29112689d ago

Don't need to talk to my TV to enjoy a game, I have friends to talk to.

seinfan2689d ago

Why does it matter? It's not that great of a feature. I wouldn't want to have to shout in the middle of the night while playing a game .

kikizoo2689d ago

simple : $$$

it's pure marketing for kinect...but don't be sad, it's not really important, or even enjoyable ("oh i'm talking with my voice, and the virtual guy talk with his cool..hmm wait")

paintsville2688d ago

It's only on xbox because of the brilliance of Microsoft's innovative Kinect. Not a Wii copied device like some.

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Oldman1002690d ago

Tom Clancy's End war had voice recognition on both the 360 and ps3 using the headset. So kinect is not really needed for this kind of thing to be possible.

Kahvipannu2689d ago

True... but what that has to do with this? Did you read the article?

Just_The_Truth2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

it means games doing this exact things were being done over 10 years how do you not understand this? BTW in an interview MS said that it could be done with a mic it was a spiketv on i think.

theIMP2689d ago

That’s the thing it's not " doing this exact things were being done over 10 years". The Kinect voice recognition system the best I’ve ever use in any devise ever, and MS made it easy for the developers to implement it into game. Why is this so hard for you fanboys, that HATE Kinect and anything it does so much, to understand? I don't get it. You say it's casual, and say it sucks, and praise Sony for giving you the option to use Move in games, but the second MS helps developers give it's fan base options (most of you think they are stupid options anyway, or so you claim) you are all up in arms claiming MS "paid them off", or "Why can't they just use the mics on the other systems?". I ask you this, if it was done 10 years ago, and is so f%$king easy to do, why wouldn't they just do it for all systems. I'll tell you why, because you're wrong. Kinect makes this kind of thing super easy for the developers to do, and that is one of the advantages to working with Kinect. I really can't believe some of you in here anyway, you all Hate Kinect with such a fiery passion, and just Know it will never do anything for gaming but ruin it, but it's used in one game in a way you can't have on your system of choice, and you all cry like 3 year old babies. All of the PS3 fanboy in this thread crying about only Kinect having these options are hypocritical Fanboys and are the biggest joke in the industry.

ikkokucrisis2689d ago

I just had this message written from speaking into my android phone

IAmCornHolio2689d ago

So Sony should bring the voice recognition into the ps3's api the way Microsoft has, and then BioWare will put this same feature on the PS3.

On the other hand, windows already has voice recognition built in, so I wonder what BioWares excuse is there...

Kahvipannu2689d ago

So did many PC games way before that, but again, what this has to do with this? All these comments about it's possible on all platforms (well duh), has nothing to do with the reason Bioware are not (currently) going to add it to other versions.

Emilio_Estevez2690d ago

That's doesn't make sense. Games have had voice commands since PS2/Xbox days. And my PS2 mic was awfully cheap, but it worked.

Canas20102690d ago

Yeah, Socom U.S. Navy Seals came with a cheapo headset and had 70 voice commands. They could have done it but oh well. It's faster for me to use the controller anyway.

xPhearR3dx2689d ago

Hey now. That SOCOM 1 headset was one of the best damn USB headsets I've ever owned. The plastic was cheap, but the actual quality of the headset was amazing. I still have mine and it works great.....I just have tape holding the plastic together lol

GodsHand2689d ago

I am not sure, but was there not a pokemon vocie command game on the Nintendo 64.

kane_13712689d ago

there was a dragon quest game way back like around SNES time that only came out in Japan and had the same thing.
this is just an excuse, Ps Eye has the same system.

HmongAmerican2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

this can easily be done with a headset. Ghost Recon End War have this feature for both platforms. There is no reason this can't be done. They gonna get backlash from gamer.

theIMP2689d ago

Bullshit, ya'll just don't get it. All the games and ways it was used in all the games listed about, (and I've used it in at least 3/4 of the games you all listed) don't work half as well as Kinect. I know you are all to fanboyish to ever admit it, but the system in Kinect is kick ass. Like I’ve said 100 time before the voice recognition system MS installed in Kinect is better than any I've ever seen. I also know you will never give MS credit no matter what, but they did a great job with this. Another fact you all don't seem to get, is how easy the developers can implement this into their games with Kinect. Almost all the work is done for them, unlike the other platform. I would like to make one more quick comment. I can almost 100% guarantee you if they were saying that there were making Move compatible with ME3 you wouldn't see the 360 fanboy crying and making this big a fuss over it. Ya'll need to grow the f%^k up and stick with the "I don't care about Kinect at all", attitude. LOL, because if that was really true you all wouldn't be in here all boo hooing and letting your jealousy show like you are now. Another udeniable example of how PS3 fanboys are the absolute worst of all.

MysticStrummer2689d ago (Edited 2689d ago )

@Imp - Maybe your mic sucks, because I never had a problem using voice commands on SOCOM or EndWar with a Sony mic. Even Boomer's stupid ass would acknowledge my command to hold fire, just prior to opening fire and giving away our position. lol As for jealousy... I thought ME2 was incredibly overrated but checked out this comment section because I knew it would contain 360 fans claiming there was something revolutionary about Kinect, which makes me smile. Thanks for contributing.