E3 2011: Best of Ubisoft -- Rayman Origins and Far Cry 3 (Bitmob)

Ubi brought plenty of thunder to the E3 show floor, but two games in particular stole their show.

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JeffGrubb2690d ago

Rayman Origins is preeeeetty. If I were a game, I would do that game.

showtimefolks2690d ago

UBI won this year's E# with them it was all about gaming no gimmicks like last few years. But the guy who was on stage was annoying.

farcry 3
future soldier
where is rainbow six new york?
new brothers in arm

will farcry 3 still have the map maker or map editor to make your own maps?

FC2 was good game with 2 major major issues respawning enemies
1st person driving

if they are fixing both of them in a new setting we could have a great great game coming in 2012

PandaJenkins2690d ago

Farcry 3, Ghost Recon, and Rayman all impressed me a lot. AC:R was probably the most overrated thing they showed. That franchise is just losing what was special about it now :/.