Rumor: Portal coming to the Wii

The puzzle platformer from The Orange Box is rumored to hit the Wii in the near future.

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Radiomorph4878d ago

That would be awesome. I believe the Source engine would do pretty well on the Wii.

lynx1halo4878d ago (Edited 4878d ago )

Why would you port such a revolutionary game like portal...onto to such an un-revolutionary...last gen system like Wii? now thats irony

lawler4877d ago

Your comment is irony, I hope it was intended that way.

iNcRiMiNaTi4878d ago

i know its not supposed to be the main game in the orange box, but i find myself playing it more than HL2 & TF2...the challenges you can do after the game gave it some replayability but once youre done with those theres nothing else to do...the whole concept is awesome and i wanna see more of it,

valve, once youre done bringing it to the wii if thats true...MAKE MORE LEVELS AND PUZZLES!!

alaaji4877d ago

"This game is touted to be a stand-alone product with an additional bunch of levels extending the playtime of the game and will take full advantage of Nintendo’s waggle. An elegant game on an elegant console, the “Narbacular Drop” is finally going to fill in the big hole Newell was talking about."

virtaaj4878d ago

I have played the game, it is good. I wonder how it will be on the Wii... I think so I should buy the console!! :)

Rooted_Dust4877d ago

The PC will always be the best place for Valve developed titles. I also have doubt's about the Wii's controls as far as a First Person game.