Buy inFAMOUS 2, Get 50% Off Select PS3 Game @ Amazon

"Amazon is matching BestBuy this week with their "Buy inFAMOUS 2, Get 50% Off Select PS3 Game"!

Check out the full details..."

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showtimefolks2690d ago

got hero edition how about some other deals. game promotions have been slow the last few weeks i hope it picks up.

what's your next agme that you will buy?

for me it maybe duke nukem and dues ex

ikkokucrisis2690d ago

Hmm, the Amazon deal is a little strange, the same 'select game' I saw the day before has now increased by $10...

showtimefolks2690d ago

something that was originally 30 bucks amazon will put on sale let's say 10 dollars off and than the price is shown 40 sold at 30 so in reality they are charging us the same price yet some of us feel we are getting a good deal.

amazon is just one example i used you can say bestbuy,gamestop etc,,,,

the only good deals these days are the ones with anywhere from 15-30dollars in gift card with purchase now that's what i call deals

buy la:n k-mart when it launched and there was a 25 dollar gift card so if you can find something like that its good

jc485732690d ago

I think they are having one starting Sunday for ps3 and 360. It's part of the Father's day deals.

Kmart has a similar deal where you get a 20 dollar coupon plus 50% off for Infamous 1 only.

StarWolf2690d ago

"you can get a qualifying PS3 game, from the list below, for 50% off."

Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5, MLB 11: The Show, inFamous, or Motorstorm Apocalypse

I may do it for Motorstorm.....

Silly Mammo2690d ago

As much as it's killing me, I'm going to wait a bit and buy it when the price comes down. I had hoped that Amazon would have least given us a $10-$15 GC for pre-ordering.

Silly Mammo2690d ago

I'm sure it does. I guess, I've gotten spoiled with all the great Amazon game deals for previous games.

gamingisnotacrime2690d ago

no doubt

i got Portal 2 at $34 weeks ago in Amazon

yes sir you are spoiled lol

user83971442690d ago

I just bought the game :). I traded black ops and another crappy game and got this game from the $65 trade in money.

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